Friday, December 21, 2012

New House Milestone

While waiting for the Mayan Apocalypse to begin, we went up to the new house this afternoon for our "Pre-Drywall Walk Through" with the general contractor. The goal was to go through the house room by room and talk about the plumbing, electrical, venting, etc. before the sheet rock is installed.

It's coming right along!

Plumbing and electrical... super boring I know, but when you paid extra
for a bunch of extra outlets, speakers, cable jacks, security contacts, etc.
you want to take a picture of everything to make sure it turns out right
in the end...

Our custom gas fireplace is in! We ordered a different one than the standard,
which "burns" these weird blue crystals instead of having fake wood.
This one will seem more like a real fire. 

And another reason to take pictures before the walls get
covered up... you wouldn't want to be hanging a picture
and punch a nail through one of those pipes because
you didn't know where they were, would you?

Current view from the master bedroom.
We'll lose a lot of this when more homes are built in the neighborhood,
but for now it's absolutely gorgeous!

On the front porch of our future home... Swoon! 

Now that our milestone appointment is complete, the contractor will go back to the sales team who will work with the mortgage company to begin the 45 day closing process. Merry Christmas to us!


  1. 45 days - you guys are getting close! That view is beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh so exciting! And wow that view is amazing!


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