Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Pampering

To celebrate the start of the holiday season, the managers in my department decided to treat the admin staff to an evening of pampering at Apollo Nails and Spa in Queen Anne. This salon just opened in the past few weeks and it's absolutely gorgeous inside. The design is chic and modern with a cozy ambiance. The owner and the girls who did our pedicures were all super friendly and really took their time with our pedicures which turned out great. It was also really nice that we were able to bring in food and alcohol and lay it all out on the table in the middle of the room under an absolutely gorgeous trendy chandelier. Apollo provided all the glassware, plates and napkins that we needed and were extremely flexible about us taking over the salon with nine people. If this place had been around in March it would have been a great place to take my bridal party.

Everyone loved the relaxing pedicures and the yummy appetizers and drinks, and we especially appreciated the welcome down time away from the office. I got sparkly red polish, perfect to start off the holidays!


  1. Aw, I've never had a pedicure before! This all looks absolutely perfect! How fun ;)
    xo TJ

  2. How fun! I actually saw that on their opening weekend they were doing free manicures and pedicures but the line was seriously around the block! I'll have to go there next time I need my nails done, it looks like a cool place!

  3. looks so fun, hey they bridal party can meet up again and get more pampering done ;)


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