Monday, December 24, 2012

Seahawks Game 16

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers...
WIN: 42-13.

Merry Christmas! Another Seahawks beat down! Even though Stew and I are both battling horrible sore throats we just couldn't bring ourselves to miss watching the Hawks play the 49ers at CenturyLink Field on Sunday night.

But first, we met up with the Hawkwagon crew for their annual holiday tailgate, which included a deep fried turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a white elephant gift exchange.

Nothing says Happy Holidays like drinking in a tent in a parking lot
before another epic NFL game!

Chef Bill deep frying the Christmas turkey.

Christmas dinner! Pretty fancy for a tailgate if I do say so myself.
We brought pumpkin and apple pies.

Stew enjoying some of his favorites... all mashed together of course.

We even had a Christmas tree and gift table.

I loved this little Christmas gnome.

Bill explaining the rules of the white elephant gift exchange.

After all the gifts were opened, we had five minutes to take turns rolling two dice.
If you got doubles, you got to steal, and when time ran out you were left with your
final gift. 

Jess and I both ended up with these adorable little guys!

Jessica's baby hawk was very thirsty...

The 2012 Hawkwagon Tailgater Association.

With the gals getting ready to leave for the game.

Dana and Bill in their Christmas tailgate gear.

Buddy (that's what we named him) was super excited to see his first game.

Dorking it up at the game with my glasses on.
I'm getting so blind in my old age.

Even though we're already paying for sitting outside in the cold for 10 hours straight, it was totally worth it to watch the Hawks beat the crap out of the 49ers! It was the perfect way to start off Christmas, and I'm so happy that we've added Buddy to our family.

Happy Holidays, Hawk Fans!


  1. that looks so fun, it looks like it was decent weather there, but cold. i was bitching all day about the rain here, i was like, I'M MOVING TO HAWAII!!! Wish i could have done something fun like this! lol

  2. It was freezing and I made myself way sicker by going, but it was totally worth it!!

  3. What a game - loving this winning streak we are on!


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