Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ELF - The Musical

As sort of an extra birthday present / holiday treat, Stew and I went to see ELF - The Musical last night at the 5th Avenue Theatre. I doubt there are many people who haven't seen this Christmas classic, but just in case, here is a plot recap for you:

"Buddy, a human raised at the North Pole by elves, sets off to the big city in search of his father. What he finds is an alarming lack of Christmas Spirit. Even his little brother doesn’t believe in Santa! So Buddy sets out to help everyone remember the true meaning of Christmas, eating as many things covered in syrup as possible along the way."

I had absolutely no idea how this movie could be turned into a musical stage production, but I couldn't wait to find out! But first things first, we met up before the show at Taphouse Grill to have dinner with a couple of Stew's co-workers who were also going to the show.

ELF - The Musical was awesome! And it really helped me get into the Christmas spirit, which I've been struggling with this season. The set was absolutely gorgeous, colorful, and Christmas-y. And the show itself had us laughing and smiling throughout. There were enough jokes for the adults plus fun special effects for the kids, and the cheerful messages really lifted my spirits.

We've been happy with our choice this year to bypass getting season tickets and just attend a few specific shows that really interest us. ELF - The Musical was an excellent choice, we highly recommend it for kids and adults alike this holiday season!


  1. How fun!! I would have loved to have seen it - maybe next year! Such a great movie!

  2. This is so funny:

    I just learned about this last night. :)

  3. Sorry if that looked like spam, I promise it's real!!

  4. Aw! Fun. I love musicals! I hadn't heard that they'd made Elf a musical - but how cute!


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