Monday, December 3, 2012

Ground Floor!

On Sunday afternoon I managed to leave the house for a couple hours so we could go up and check out the new house and pick up some groceries that we desperately needed.

Every time we make the drive up to Snoqualmie in the cold, nasty, pouring rain, I once again question my little Honda Civic as it terrifyingly hydroplanes across standing water on I-90. I'm starting to convince myself that this car combined with my new commute will be the death of me, and wondering if we need to trade it in for something with four wheel drive. But I digress.

The house is coming right along! I was so excited when we pulled around the corner to see that we have a first floor! We were actually able to walk in what will be the front door and walk through the "rooms" of our new house! Now things are really starting to seem real, and I'm finally able to picture the layout in my head which means I have big plans for all the furniture we need to buy. Take a look!

The ground floor is taking shape!

Front entryway, den and powder room are to the right.

Two car garage! How I dream about the storage...

Kitchen and door leading to back patio.

Downstairs living room. There was literally a waterfall in the middle of it...

Very muddy backyard...

And the beginnings of the second story!

You can refer to our previous post to see what the final result should look like. It has been so fun for us to watch our new home take shape before our eyes. Just about three more months to go now!


  1. Oh my gosh I cannot believe how much has changed since your last post - there IS a house!! (A wet one, but a house!) So exciting, love the progress updates! And yeah, I'm over this weather and especially driving on the freeway in it! I had a white knuckled drive Sunday evening (only for a small stretch though thank goodness)!

  2. Awesome! You'll be moving in right in time for summer then right? -- well, spring, hey your anniversary! Can't wait to see it when it's done. What furniture are you buying?!!

  3. So exciting! You'll be moving in before you know it.

  4. Yay! Doesn't look like much yet ... but I'm sure the progress and process is exciting for you guys! ;)

  5. That is so neat being able to see your future home being built! I'm so over this weather already. I think being home makes me notice it even more. How many months until spring?


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