Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dear Ryder... Five Months

Dear Ryder,

This month has brought a bit more routine back into your life, mainly due to my maternity leave ending. Returning to work full time has been a change for all of us, but overall it's gone pretty much as well as we could have hoped for.

I eased into things and only went in for two days my first week back, then right off the bat we had a busy weekend planned, starting with a pickleball tournament for Daddy!

With you as his good luck charm, he smashed the competition in the doubles tournament and took home the gold medal, and he would have dominated in the singles round as well, except Mommy forced him to head home so we could get ready for family photos that afternoon. 

My first full week back at work was pretty overwhelming, at least for me and Daddy. After spending virtually every moment with you for the entire summer, separation anxiety attacked me full force, and I definitely had to talk myself down off the ledge a few times at work. 

I am used to how demanding it can be to stay home all day with an infant, but for Daddy it was a bit of a crash course those first few days. When he left for work on Wednesday, it was time for your first full day next door with Julia. She and her mother-in-law watch you on the days when Daddy is on shift, and it's obvious that they are taking great care of you, which gives me a huge amount of relief as a working Momma. 

We had a few visitors this month... Tony and Nikki came over for dinner one evening, and Dave and Annette came all the way down from Bellingham to meet you. 

You still love your Jumperoo (at least for about 15 minute intervals) and you're getting big enough now that your feet almost touch the floor. 

You celebrated with Aunt E at her engagement party in Seattle toward the end of September.

Tummy time still isn't your favorite, but you'll tolerate it for brief periods of time, especially when we get down on the ground with you.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to actually get in photos with you! Too often Mommy ends up behind the camera, instead...

You still love your feet, and grab for them almost every chance you get.

Bath time has become quite fun for you. You love splashing, and you manage to make such a mess these days that we've had to move your baby bath tub into the big tub so you can slash to your heart's delight without soaking the entire bathroom.

I love to snuggle you when you're all warm and cuddly, just out of the tub.

One of your favorite games with Daddy is when he holds you high up in the air. You squeal with delight every single time, and it's one of my favorite things to watch.

Nana came up to watch you for the day while Mommy and Daddy attended a Seahawks game this month. It's good for the two of us to get out once in a while on our own, but we sure did miss you!

You love playing on this bright colored quilt that my boss, Cindy, made for you.

Nana and Papa stayed with you for an entire weekend at the beginning of October so that Mommy and Daddy could attend a wedding in Palm Springs. You were such a good boy for your first night away from us! Even though you woke up many times throughout the night, Nana and Papa handled you just fine, and you always love spending time with them.

Papa knows how much you love it outside, so he made sure you got plenty of time soaking up the late summer sunshine in the backyard while we were gone.

We are so lucky that Nana and Papa are thrilled to come stay with you any time, like when we need to attend a wedding or cheer on the Seahawks

You are generally such a happy boy, but we basically spent the entire month battling your sleep schedule. For weeks after I went back to work you continued to refuse to nap, and even the doctor seemed surprised when we told her. Finally, you have started to take regular naps for about an hour in the morning (sometimes two hours) and short, 20 to 30 minute naps in the afternoon.

When I get home from work at six o'clock you are fussy and tired, so we almost immediately start getting you ready for bed. I nurse you and rock you to sleep, and you go down in your crib for usually about two hours before you wake up for the first time. Then it's nurse, rock, back to sleep, every hour or two for the rest of the night. We have no idea why you continue to wake up so frequently. I like to tell myself it's because you miss me while I'm at work all day, and I won't deny that I enjoy our special, secret, midnight cuddles, but we're all getting to be extremely sleep deprived. I've been doing lots of research and reading on sleep, and hopefully we'll have this figured out by next month.

You're very alert and active, kicking your feet, waving your arms, grabbing at anything within reach. You still drool constantly and chew on everything you can get your hands on, but we haven't seen any sign of teeth just yet. You roll from your back to your tummy, but usually get stuck there and become frustrated until we rescue you and turn you back over. We are practicing sitting up, but you still can't manage it very well unsupported for more than a few seconds at a time.

I have missed you so much this month since I've been back at work, but I'm so happy that you have gotten so much quality time to bond with Daddy.

We both love you so much, sweet boy!

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  1. What a sweet boy! Have you tried any soothing sounds while he sleeps? Maybe one of those quiet noise machines with many different sounds/options. I've heard of some people having really good luck with that helping continue sleep patterns.

  2. He looks like such a happy little boy! My little guy has been struggling with sleep too. And does those same darn catnaps in the afternoons, which drive me nuts. But he has gotten a little better with naps. The nighttime deal is tough though. I wonder if Ryder is working on some teeth? True has 2 already but our doc said his upper front two might be bothering him, and causing him the sudden frequent night wakings. Hope it gets better for you guys!

  3. Awww, he's so cute!! Hang in there, lil' guy will sleep through the night at some point. My oldest didn't until 9 months and my youngest at 6 months.


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