Saturday, August 11, 2012

West Seattle Family Lunch

Stew and I are so excited to have Seattle Seahawks season tickets this year, but unfortunately the wedding of our good friends fell on the exact same day as the pre-season opener. So we sent my mom and my little bro to check out our seats for us and watch the Hawks beat the Titans.

Luckily though, the ticket handoff provided a perfect opportunity to have lunch with the fam earlier in the day. We met at my sister's new house in West Seattle for a tour and then headed to the Alki Beach Cactus (we really do eat at Cactus a lot, and I've now been to all three locations). We started with chips, salsa, guacamole and Navajo Fry Bread (I can't go to Cactus anymore without ordering it), and this time I tried something new from the menu: Tacos Camarones (crispy white Mexican prawns, spicy diablo sauce, ginger and mango slaw). It was absolutely delicious and might be my new favorite thing on the menu although the Butternut Squash Enchilada (which my mom got) is really hard to beat. I could only eat half of the large portion so I had a nice little Sunday night snack to take home.

We don't know a lot of people living in West Seattle so we rarely make our way over there. I always forget how beautiful Alki is! Especially on a gorgeous summer day. Walking along the water in the sun you really forgot that you're in the middle of a major metropolitan area. Stew and I were in a hurry to get ready for the wedding so we couldn't stick around after lunch and walk down the beach, which was very sad. But I'm sure they had a lovely afternoon and I know my mom and my brother had an awesome time at the game later, so I'm glad they were able to enjoy our tickets.

AJ and Mom having a blast at the game... I think our seats have a pretty decent view!

We can't wait for the next game...

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