Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall is in the air...

I was incredibly shocked the other day when leaving my office I noticed that the leaves are beginning to change color and fall to the sidewalk. How can it be fall already?! It feels as though summer has just barely arrived in Seattle, and I've hardly been able to enjoy the sunshine, but every evening the sun sets earlier and soon enough I am once again destined to start and end my days in the dark.

The evidence is everywhere. In the crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, in the air that feels just a little bit crisper in the mornings, and in the 652 pages of the fall fashion issue of InStyle Magazine that just arrived in my mailbox (hello, sweaters and boots, it's been a long time). I hear that some students even start school as early as next week! Since when did going back to school before Labor Day become the norm?

I'm so sad that my favorite season is coming to an end, but when I think back Stew and I did have lots of fun adventures this summer, and we still have lots to look forward to in the coming months. But seeing those gold and orange leaves on the ground just made me feel kind of sad.


  1. I'm loving it!! it got a little too hot here, but we really only had like a month and a half of REAL summer, although June was pretty nice too, but that was just enough summer for me, I am about sick of hot weather after living in Alabama! Speaking of which, they start school in August there! crazy!!! I'm glad Abraham won't be starting until September :)

  2. Apparently lots of schools up here start in August, too... crazy!


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