Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Travis Turns 40

While I was in Boston visiting Cailin, Stew represented the Always at Travis's surprise 40th birthday party at Lake Tapps. I was so bummed that I was double-booked because it looks like everyone had a really great time!

Trav's wife Michelle planned the party several months before Travis actually turns 40 so that he would be super surprised, and also to take advantage of the awesome summer weather. The party was at Lake Tapps and Travis had absolutely no idea what he was in for! Stew said everyone had a really awesome time and I'm glad he was there to celebrate with all of our friends.

(Thanks, Michelle, for the photos!)

I love the luau theme!
The guys arrive with Travis by boat.
He still has no idea...

The surprise!

Fun day of boating, celebrating, and friends.

Obviously Sarah is missing from this photo...

PiƱata fun!

Beautiful Michelle, happy that she pulled off the surprise.

Silly shenanigans with Stewart back at the house.
Happy birthday Travis, you're really an old man now!

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