Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fantasy Football Draft Night 2012

Concentrating on putting together a stellar 2012 team.
Once again, Stew's Bush League Fantasy Football season has arrived, and last night was the big draft. 

I endured listening to quite a few fantasy football podcasts during our road trips this summer (because that's just the kind of supportive wife that I am). In addition, I always sit with Stew on draft night to help track the picks. So we spent most of our evening last night hanging out by the computer, and I learned a lot of football player's names that I hadn't even heard before. I'm sure real football fans would die laughing at my spelling attempts on some of them. 

Tracking the draft progress...
and reading InStyle between picks of course.

This is Stew's fourth year in the league and he was the overall champion for the past two years. This means that the trophy has been living at our house ever since, and I'm curious whether he will end up being three for three or if that golden football will finally find a new home. In any case, I suppose I should probably dust it. Stew feels pretty good about his team this year!

Hooligans 2012 Line Up: 
QB: Eli Manning
WR: Jordy Nelson
WR: Demaryius Thomas
WR: Vincent Jackson

RB: Darren McFadden
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
Flex: Ryan Matthews
TE: Greg Olsen
K: David Akers
Def: Detroit
BN: Rashad Jennings
Nate Washington
BN: Ryan Williams
BN: Ronnie Hillman
BN: Jake Locker
BN: Alshon Jeffery

Stew gets very cranky when his team doesn't perform well, and it can really impact our Sunday Fundays, so here's hoping for a successful season!


  1. I just drafted tonight, but I'm not quite that serious about it. It's pretty fun and addictive though!

  2. I get invited to participate in various leagues every year but I haven't done it so far... it seems too time consuming! ;-)

  3. oh Fantasy Football! Back at it! =D

  4. Joe does this too, in a different league. I participated one year with another friend. We changed our picks around each week by asking her 2-year-old who we should start...

    ...and we finished well ahead of a lot of other people. ;)

  5. Jessica that's hilarious that's how I'd have to play. Maybe I'll do it next year and have Lyla help me with my picks. ;-)


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