Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Shower 3.0

Stewart at his first wedding shower. I loved my hot pink banner!
My fantastic co-workers have been extremely generous and patient with me during all these months leading up to the wedding. My team even took the time to plan and host a wedding shower for us a few weeks before the big day. I was beginning to feel quite spoiled at this point because it would be my third shower, but this one was a bit unconventional which made it more fun.

Instead of holding the shower in one of our office conference rooms we headed down to Collins Pub after work. And this time the shower was co-ed so Stewart was finally able to partake in some of the constant celebrating and present opening. (I was starting to feel guilty doing it all myself!)

Bride and Groom ducks.

The girls worked so hard on the gorgeous decorations.

Drink tokens for everyone courtesy of my boss!

Everything was gorgeous in the private area at the back of the restaurant with candles and beautiful floral centerpieces that included peacock feathers, of course! There were plates and plates of delicious appetizers and so many different types of cheeses... my favorite, so I ate a ton - don't tell my trainer. There were also complimentary drink tokens for the guests which of course made the party a blast, and Stewart and I stayed fairly late into the evening with a small group of my favorite co-workers. It was such a nice relaxing escape from the constant stress of wedding planning we had been experiencing.

We got some extremely thoughtful and generous gifts including stuff from our registry, beautiful handmade items, and some amazing adventures for our honeymoon.

Stewart finally gets to help open some gifts. Drink in hand of course!

I feel so lucky to work with such an awesome team that has supported me throughout every step of this journey. It was so wonderful to celebrate this next step in my life with them!

Some of my awesome team members.


  1. Sounds like a great time! We're doing a co-ed shower as well. It won't really be at all like a shower, though. It's just going to be a cocktail party with our good friends. We're only doing a travel registry, so there probably won't even be any gifts to open. But since our wedding is family only, we wanted to have a fun celebration with our friends at some point. I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. Stevie, that's basically how ours was (a cocktail party) and it was so much fun to do something different than a typical shower. We also did a travel registry and LOVED it, it worked out very well for us. Enjoy this happy time in your life!


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