Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding Go Kart Racing

The day before the wedding we wanted to get out and have a little fun with all our friends and family who were in town for the big weekend, so Stew took a group of guys down to PGP Motorsports Park in Kent for some go kart racing.

The guys were able to test their skills on a 0.82 mile outdoor track that spans as wide as 30 feet. They got to pick from a fleet of Birel N35 karts equipped with ergonimically designed cradle seats, hydraulic brakes, and powerful four-stroke Honda engines. Then, a dream come true, the boys got to race each other through the track's banked corners, exhilarating straight-aways, and 15 turns at speeds up to 45 mph.

Stew was doing awesome throughout the majority of the race but unfortunately he got beat in the end. Gosh guys, you can't let the groom win the day before his wedding?!

The guys had a super good time and it was a wonderfully distracting way to pass the afternoon before heading back to the hotel.

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