Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wedding Hotel Suite Party

Looking north from our private wedding night master bedroom.
A few months before the wedding Erin and I toured just about every hotel in the downtown area looking for the perfect home base location for the wedding weekend. We ultimately selected The Westin because of its awesome central location, gorgeous rooms, and decent discounted block rate. Stew and I decided to splurge and reserve the "Imperial Suite" located on the 46th floor of the North Tower. Not only did it have a beautiful 650 square foot master bedroom, but it included a 1,000 square foot parlor with a dining room, seating areas, wet bar and refrigerator. Here are some of the fantastic views we got to enjoy during our weekend at the Westin...

Looking south from the adjoining bedroom for the bridesmaids.

Nice view of the Space Needle and the water from the Imperial Suite.

Looking over at the south tower.

High above the streets of Seattle.

Do you recognize these?

The girls provided lots of fun decorations so things felt festive.

These flowers came back with us from the rehearsal dinner.

The Westin sent up chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, nice!

We knew that by Friday night quite a few people would be in town and staying at the hotel, so we planned a little party that evening in the suite to celebrate. Pizza, salad and beer lured them in, and good company, laughter and celebrating made them stay. Plus, I had also booked an additional adjoining room so that all of my bridesmaids could spend the night with me... my very last night as a single woman.

Taking it all in.

With my Mother and soon-to-be Mother in Law.

Way to get into the St. Patrick's Day Spirit!

It was the perfect place to hang out all evening.

My sister Nichole, her husband Aaron, and my adorable niece, Sophia.

Most of my favorite besties... just a couple missing!

Amazing night-time views as well, it just got better and better!

Our idea turned out to be genius! Tons of people showed up for the Friday night pre-party, and it was so great to be able to spend this extra time with our best friends and family members. And then after everyone left I had some extra special time with my girls, and momma, before heading off to bed. It was very hard to say goodnight to Stew (who had his own room elsewhere in the hotel) because I knew I wouldn't see him again until the "big reveal" the following day.

A gorgeous sunset for the night before our wedding.

The love of my life.

Breath taking!

Thinking that I couldn't wait to marry this man...

And there we were... just minutes before March 17, 2012... our wedding day! I couldn't wait for the best day of my life to begin.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Sounds like everyone had a blast. And what amazing weather you had that weekend! Those sunset shots are so beautiful.

  2. Stevie, the day of the wedding we had fog, rain, snow and then sunshine just in time for pictures... it was typical crazy spring weather but overall it all worked out to our advantage!

  3. aaaw! the sunset photo & caption make me tear up!! so special!!


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