Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Update... Final Details

It's a good thing that I took the week before the wedding off work, because there were a lot of items to finalize! The last month was been pretty frantic and full of last minute details, but everything really came together at the end.
  • I found an amazing alterations person right in Ballard and met with her twice so she could take my dress in several sizes... a side effect of diet and exercise!
  • We made some trips to Costco and Cash & Carry to pick up all the items we needed for the reception like beer and wine glasses, pub mix, vintage Coke bottles, etc. We also made a very expensive trip to the liquor store for an important staple: Jameson Irish Whiskey.
  • It took some early mornings and late nights at the office, but my friend Jessica and I copied this Martha Stewart design to create a unique personalized poster for people to sign instead of a guest book. After the wedding we'll have it framed and hang it in our house.
  • Erin, Jillian and I visited Bella Umbrella and decided that renting vintage umbrellas was a must for photos. This place is so incredibly cute, we spent extra time there just hanging around and looking at all the adorable umbrellas which come in every style and color of the rainbow you can imagine.
  • I spent a few hours at Tara's house going through her closet so I could borrow a huge bag filled with clothes, bags and shoes for the honeymoon. Much quicker, easier and cheaper than shopping!
  • Erin and I spent a few hours one evening driving all possible routes to and from the venue, to make sure that the driving directions provided to our guests were correct (due to a construction detour near the venue).
  • We took our rings to the Shane Company to be cleaned and polished so they would look perfect for the wedding.
  • Jillian and Tara spent an entire afternoon baking green shamrock cookies for the hotel welcome bags and then we all spent the next evening assembling the bags.
  • After about a week's worth of headache I was able to finalize the seating chart, which I had printed at Costco and then used spray glue to mount to poster board. Look at me, all crafty!
  • We had phone meetings with the photographer, DJ and florist to finalize all the details.
  • I passed off all kinds of wedding stuff (decorations, food, alcohol) to various friends so that they would be able to deliver it to the venue on the big day.
  • I finished wrapped all the bridesmaid, groomsmen, usher, parent, and reader gifts... not a small task when you have more than 20 people in your wedding party!
  • We applied for and received our marriage license, and while we were downtown Stew tried on his tux, which needed just a few tweaks before he could pick it up on Thursday... It was really starting to feel real at this point!

During this time my amazing fiancé, mother, maid of honor, and many of my bridesmaids were also running around like crazy helping me out. They spent so much time helping me plan for and accomplish all the little details that don't come up until the end, and I NEVER would have been able to do it without them.

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