Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dear Kiley... Four Months

Dear Kiley, 

You're four months old, little sweet cheeks!

You're growing and changing on a daily basis, and I feel so lucky that I get to witness your wonder as you discover the world. We continued to have lots of fun together as I counted down these last few weeks of my maternity leave.

On Wednesdays, we get together with our friends for long talks and walks.

Our little group has had so much fun getting together every week, and I'm going to miss them so incredibly much when I go back to work! But don't worry, we'll see them again soon, just maybe not as frequently as we'd like...

On Mother's Day, we spent time together as a family, and you and I took a lovely afternoon nap on the couch together. Becoming a mom, and adding you to our family, has changed me in indescribable ways. Sometimes the love I feel for you is so strong that it threatens to overwhelm me.

I'm so lucky to be your mommy.

We've been trying to take some extra special little trips to visit some of our favorite people while we have the free time, and this month one of these getaways included a couple days over in Port Townsend at my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Mike's amazing beachfront house. You were an excellent little traveler and guest, and just loved snoozing in the front pack at the beach every day while Ryder played to his heart's content.

For your first Memorial Day Weekend, we took a trip out to Ocean Shores with Grandpa and Patty. Although the weather didn't really cooperate, we still had a good time, and once again you were content to nap in your pack while Daddy and Ryder enjoyed the beach.

Lots of our good friends were also at the beach that weekend, including Brett and Haley. We first took this same picture on our Beach Babymoon just a few short months ago! Things sure have changed since then...

As usual, we spent quite a bit of time at Nana and Papa's house, where you never lack for attention or love.

This month, you've begun to take interest in some of your toys, which has been fun to watch.

 You've also discovered your hands, and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! So far you enjoy alternating between staring at them in astonishment and sucking on them. 

You continue to absolutely love your Baby Bjorn bouncer chair, and you've become super coordinated at kicking your feet so that it bounces you up and down... you'll seriously do this for hours!

You're still not a fan of tummy time (and frankly I don't blame you), but we do try to fit it in on occasion...

We love going for walks together.

At night, you go to bed around 7:00 and wake up for the day at about 6:00 in the morning. However, you do seem to have hit the four month sleep regression, because you wake up two or three times a night now wanting to nurse. However, we've learned that you love being swaddled, and wrapping you up tightly when you're fussy and overtired calms you down almost immediately. Thanks to a velcro swaddle and your Rock 'n' Play, you've actually started taking naps in your nursery for several hours at a time!

I still love staring at you while you sleep, and taking photos of your angelic face.

At night, you sleep in your bassinet next to our bed. But it seems like by morning both you and your brother have somehow made it into our bed for some cozy snuggles. 

Your sweet big brother Ryder absolutely adores you. He often likes to stop what he's doing so that he can take a moment to come over and check on you or give you a kiss. He always lets me know when you are fussing or when you've dropped your pacifier, and he likes to show you toys, and talk to you when you're upset. 

You're turning into quite the Daddy's Girl...

You are such a happy, content, sweet little baby. 

You are growing like a weed!

You wear size 2 diapers and are wearing 3-6 month clothes, but will outgrow them very soon.

You're very social, and don't like to be left alone. However, as long as I take your balance chair with me, you're pretty content to just hang out and bounce yourself while I do things around the house. We even put it on the dining room table at dinner time so that you can be with the family.

Unfortunately, you seem to love television, particularly Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (probably because of the bright colors and the fact that Ryder has it on constantly).

You drool so much that I often wonder if you're teething, but so far I can't feel any teeth trying to come through...

You love singing, especially Amy Grant's 1991 hit, "Baby Baby," which I sing to you all the time because you seem to get a particular kick out of it. Someday you'll realize how off-key I really am.

You're seriously such a happy girl most of the time. It's easy to make you smile and laugh, and you love being touched and tickled and kissed on your chubby little cheeks.

I'm going back to work on Monday, and it's hard to even describe the despair that I feel at the prospect of not seeing your sweet face for eight whole hours every day. But I promise I'll be thinking about you the whole time, and that you and Brother are going to have so much fun with your amazing nanny. And in the evenings we'll be together and will have so much fun.

I love you so much, sweet Kiley, and although life needs to return to reality a bit now, I'm so thankful that we've had this special, uninterrupted time together during these first four months since you were born. 

I can't wait to see what adventures will come next!

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  1. Is there anything more adorable than sleeping baby faces?!?

    It is so sweet that you do these posts for your kids. I would love to do this for my Ryder if I can ever put him down long enough to use a computer. Haha :)


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