Saturday, June 17, 2017


My little brother is having a baby!

It seems like he just got married (because he did), but by August he and his lovely wife, Morgan, will be welcoming their firstborn daughter.

I'm so excited!

My sister Nichole and I wanted to throw our new sister-in-law a lovely shower to celebrate Baby Kinley's impending arrival, but we also wanted to include my brother, AJ, in the festivities. So, going against tradition, we planned a co-ed, casual, backyard barbecue type of baby shower that included everyone in the family.

It was a blast!

The only drawback was the fact that my mom came down with a horrible stomach flu just a few days before the shower. We were planning on hosting the party at her house, but since we didn't want to be responsible for exposing elderly and pregnant guests to the flu, we had to move everything to my Grandma Sally's house. Mom was so disappointed to miss out on celebrating her fifth grandchild. She understood, but we sure did miss her though!

My sister Nichole is a master party planner, so it was so much fun coordinating everything with her. 

We had a delicious menu filled with "baby" themed backyard barbecue foods.

And after stuffing ourselves with all the delicious eats (and a few beers, of course!) there were tons of yummy treats. 

We decided not to do any silly traditional shower games, and instead only planned one casual guessing activity.

Congratulations to our cousin Courtney, who won the grand prize!

Sophia helped with the decorations, which turned out great!

AJ and Morgan are obviously very loved by our family, and it showed, because we had a great turnout. 

AJ and Morgan received lots of awesome gifts for Baby Kinley.

Nichole and I were so happy to be able to spoil our lovely sister-in-law.

I seriously adore my baby brother and his wife, and I just can't even imagine how much I am going to love their sweet baby girl.

Just a few more weeks to go!

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