Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On Wednesdays We Wine and Whine

The universe really decided to shine on me when several of my girlfriends and I managed to get pregnant, have babies, and take maternity leave all at practically the same exact time.

Almost as soon as I had recovered enough from my surgery to leave the house, we began planning to take advantage of this super rare occurrence and make the most of our time together. 

Thus began "Baby Club," which quickly turned into what would probably better be entitled "Wine Wednesday." 

As we each navigated the ins and outs of becoming a new parent and adjusting to life with two little humans at home, it immediately became apparent that this stage in life may, in fact, be when you need your friends the most. 

So every Wednesday, we've met up at one of our houses and popped open a bottle (or five) of vino. While we've walked, rocked, and nursed our new babies, our discussions have ranged from tearful to hilarious to angry, to frustrated to joyful amazement at the lucky turns our lives have taken. There's always talk of poop, someone is usually spitting up or wetting one's pants, and someone's boobs are always showing. Our conversations are secret, and absolutely nothing is off-limits. 

Every week I walk away feeling refreshed and cleansed in a way that I don't think any amount of paid therapy could achieve.  

At first, we just got together for a couple hours for snacks. But our weekly visits quickly morphed into half day gatherings where we'd go for long walks, hang out at the lake, chit chat into the late afternoon, and sometimes even let the guys tag along for some Dad Time.

Stroller stride around Lake Marcel with four moms, four babies, and two toddlers. With mimosas, obviously.

Jessica's stroller shank kept us safe.

Hazel and Ryder became buds and were always able to find something to entertain themselves.

Trying out my double stroller for the first time.

Our attempts at photographing the kids was always a little hit-or-miss.

Babies are not very cooperative when it comes to having their photos taken, and toddlers are even worse!

Since our firefighter husbands were occasionally off work, we sometimes let them tag along and hang out.

But it usually wasn't long before we sent them off on an adventure so that we could get in our girl talk.

I'm returning to work next week, and I don't know how on earth I will survive without seeing these amazing ladies every Wednesday. Their friendship has fed my soul during an incredibly challenging time, and I will be forever grateful for their support, love, and non-judgmental tolerance of my constant complaints and ramblings.

You guys really do mean the world for me, and I can't wait for our families to share so many more memories as we all continue to grow up together.

It really does take a village, friends. And I'm so incredibly thankful for mine...

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  1. I. am. so. jealous! Shortly before I became pregnant with #2, I quit my job and we moved 45+ minutes from the city where I had a few friends with kids (though many of them work). I only know 1 other mom very well in our area now (it's not the easiest place to make new friends because most of the people who live here, grew up here - thus they already have their friend set). It would be so amazing to have a sanity-saving day scheduled once a week with friends! I do get together monthly with some, but with the drive and nap schedules, it's not the easiest thing to plan. Good luck with your return to work - that's not easy!

    1. I acknowledge that I am so, so lucky! I'm back to work now and struggling just to keep my head above water with the day-to-day stuff. I miss my friends so much!!

  2. How incredibly wonderful!! I never understood the importance of getting out of the house until I had a baby of my own! What I wouldn't do for something like this!


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