Friday, May 5, 2017

Ryder's Third Birthday

Our baby boy is three!

It's so hard to believe that three whole years have passed since sweet little Ryder first made us parents. But here we are celebrating his third birthday, and he's not a baby anymore... he's not even a toddler... he's a little boy, and I feel like my life is whirling by at breakneck speed. 

It has become our tradition to have my sister's family up to our house for the weekend of Ryder's birthday. All of the cousins (and the adults) were really looking forward to it. And to celebrate Ryder's big day, we had a little backyard barbecue at home with our family and close friends. 

Ryder loved the Paw Patrol party theme.

But his favorite part was definitely the cake.

If you look up in the left hand corner you'll see a little hand sneaking in...

Chef Stew cooked up some yummy treats on the grill.

 And Ryder opened his presents. 

Super cool Magformers from Uncle Aaron, Aunt Nichole, and cousins Sophia and Aubrey.

The rest of the Paw Patrol gang he's been wanting from Grandpa Russ and Patty.

But his favorite gift was from Uncle Patrick — a paper bag crammed full of gummy candy... every boy's dream! And every parent's nightmare...

Afterward we broke out a piƱata (his birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, after all) for the kids.
Because obviously they hadn't had enough sugar yet.

Baby Kiley also attended her big bro's party. 

Luckily, we had tons of family there who were more than happy to help with her.

The best part of the weekend was simply spending time with Ryder and most of our very favorite people.

I can't express how in love I am with my sweet boy.

He turned me into a mommy, and he fills my life with wonder and joy.

I can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead for us.

Happy Birthday Ryder, we love you so very much!

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  1. Sarah, I love Stew's grill get-up! So cute! I cannot believe Ryder is already 3! Brings me back to Abe's third B-day, the only one he celebrated in Oregon. All the others have been at this house we are at now!! They grow up waaaaay too quickly! I bawled my eyes out when he turned 6. I think that was the moment where I was like OMG he's not like, LITTLE anymore. Now he will be 8! It just goes too fast. I'm so glad you and I will be able to talk when our little men are in college and starting their own lives. It will be nice to have each other ;)

  2. Aww, hope he's had an awesome birthday!

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