Sunday, November 30, 2014


I have 26 first cousins, most of whom I saw on almost every single major holiday growing up. Having a large, close, extended family is very special and extremely fun, so it thrills me that Ryder has his cousins, Sophia and Aubrey, in his life.

My sister Nichole and I made a plan a while back to get our families together after Thanksgiving, so on Friday after the holiday we all woke up bright and early and convened at my parents' house for a day of kiddo craziness.

Ryder was still in the newborn blob stage the last time we got the kids together, but now he's sitting up, babbling, laughing, and playing with toys, which the girls found much more entertaining.

I seriously could not love my darling little nieces more. Their innocence and sweetness just melts my heart, and I love spending time with them and seeing the world from their perspective. Having kids around really does make the holidays more magical.

Teaching Sophia and Aubs how to take "selfies."

Ryder certainly didn't lack for attention on this trip... Not that he ever does.

It was such a fun day for everyone! In light of recent events, it just felt so good to get everyone together for a positive reason. I just wandered from room to room, and everywhere I went some of my very favorite people were waiting.

Being with family around the holidays always brings back so many memories for me. And it's thrilling that this year we get to begin building childhood memories for Ryder, too. It just makes me so happy that he gets to spend the holiday season with so many people who are just bursting with love.

He is one lucky boy.
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  1. those eyes are gonna charm everyone so he'll never get in trouble! cousins are the best!

  2. 26? Wow!!!! So glad you were able to enjoy the holiday and with the babes around it really just keeps getting better!!!


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