Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sunday Sunday Sunday!
Of course, during football season, it's my favorite day of the week.

I haven't really posted about the Seahawks since Ryder went to his first game last month, but of course that doesn't mean we've been shirking our 12th Man responsibilities!

Following the Cowboys game, the Hawks went on the road for a couple weeks, and we took the opportunity to host some Sunday Fundays at our house with friends.

Tara and Andrew came over to watch the Rams game and celebrate her birthday, but since the Hawks lost unfortunately they will not be invited back this season (we're very superstitious about these things...)

The next weekend, Alissa, Matt, Amanda and Kevin spent the day with us, drinking mimosas and watching the Hawks beat the Panthers.

My parents are extremely generous, but they can't come up and watch Ryder for the entire day every time the Seahawks have a home game, so Stew took a buddy to the Raiders game. I was there to see the Hawks smash the Giants the next weekend, though!

And we arranged to have some of Stew's old friends come to spend the day and watch the Hawks play the Chiefs. Chad, Cory, Joe and Jessica (along with their two adorable little girls) came down from Bellingham to hang out, see the house, meet Ryder, and unfortunately watch a not-so-stellar performance by the Seahawks. Naturally, this group will not be invited back this year...

We sure did have a good time with them, though!

That it has been a disappointing football season for the Seahawks is definitely an understatement. But I still love being a football fan, and watching games, home or away, is such a great opportunity to get together with friends. I haven't lost faith in Russell and the gang, but I sure do hope they can pull it together this week...

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  1. So fun!! It's awesome that you get to go to so many games.

    1. Yeah, the season tickets were definitely an investment that has paid off in good times! :-)

  2. Ryder makes the Seahawks look good!! Looks like you guys have a tons of fun!


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