Friday, October 11, 2013

Pump the Jams

Seriously, the one thing that bugs me the most about the music industry is RADIO PLAY, and how stations repeat the same twelve songs over and over and over again. I might love a song originally, but after hearing it on every single local station simultaneously for weeks on end, eventually said song makes me want to tear my ears off and stuff them down the artist's throat.
But then something magical happened this summer to the greater Seattle area...
The New HOT 103.7 - The Rhythm of Seattle!
"A unique, clearly defined station targeting modern Seattle women. It will play today’s hits with throwbacks from well-known artists from the 2000s and 1990s."
I literally have not changed radio stations in over a month (sorry KMPS). And now if you see me rollin' down I-90 with my head thrown back, jammin' to today’s rhythms and all my old school throwbacks, you'll know why.

And for today's #backthatazzup Friday, here are some inspirational jams from this morning's trip to the park and ride...

Always on Time (feat. Ashanti) by Ja Rule on Grooveshark

No Scrubs by TLC on Grooveshark

Now That We Found Love by Heavy D And The Boyz Feat Aaron Hall on Grooveshark

If you haven't discovered this station yet, please check it out immediately. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Plus it's just a great way to start off another fun-filled weekend.
Have a good one guys and dolls!


  1. Oh, hellz yes. That's my kind of station, fo sho.

  2. Next time I'm up in Seattle I'm totally listening to that station!

  3. I JUST found that station and I'm in LOVE with it!! And excuse me? What's this KMPS shit you speak of? It's all about the WOLF!

  4. I think I might need to turn on the radio the next time I'm in the car. I never listen to the radio, for the same reason stated above and all the ads, which are also repeative. I love the picture of Kermit and Fozzie driving. Thanks for the smiles!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  5. hahaha that kermit pic just made my morning! :)

  6. Well that sounds like the best radio station ever! I think they need to bring a version of that to Philadelphia!

  7. Sayyyyy whaaaaat! I have not heard of this station and I haaaate listening to the radio because they've pretty much killed my love of most songs (Macklemore, anyone?!) I'm turning this on tomorrow morning when I'm driving!

  8. Oh I hope I can get this station! I might even get rid of satellite radio if that comes in clear. Woohooo!


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