Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It wasn't pretty, Hawk fans

Of course we'll take a win in any form, but that was some sloppy football.
The Seahawks emerged as winners in week 6, but oh... it was hard to watch. The refs were terrible to us (as per usual), the offensive line was all over the place, and so was the FOOTBALL, bouncing haphazardly here and there... Who knew pig skin was so slippery.
I could recount a long list of mistakes, but ultimately Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman came through to keep the Hawks' perfect record at home this season, and for the moment that's all that matters. But as I told quarterback Russell Wilson a couple weeks ago... you need to figure it out, dude! Said with all the good intentions of tough love, of course (Russell, I heart you).
With two road games looming ahead of us, I'll admit I feel a little apprehensive. There's only so much the 12th Man can do from afar, you know?
Here's some highlights from this week's Hawkwagon Tailgate Extravaganza...

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  1. That tailgate party looks like a blast! How fun that you got to go to the game - even if it wasn't pretty!

  2. Your title sums it up well - that was not a pretty game.... but at least it was a win!


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