Monday, October 14, 2013

A Nice Little Saturday

This weekend we had a nice little Saturday planned...
We started off with something I have been dying to try for a very long time... brunch at Salty's on Alki! It's been voted best brunch in Seattle year after year, featuring a world-famous array of the best Northwest local seafoods and iconic brunch favorites. Seafood, hot dishes, breads, fruit, pasta made-to-order, bakery specialties, veggies, Wonka-style chocolate fountains, and of course my favorite, a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar! Eat all you want for under $50, kids! I think Stewart thought he had died and gone to heaven.
Buffets are usually such a waste on me, because I fill a towering plate with all sorts of yumminess, take a few bites of each thing, and then push it around mumbling, "I'm full..." but at Salty's Stewart was definitely able to eat our money's worth. And I did a decent job on my own fair share of crab legs. YUM.
We were celebrating my bestie Tara's birthday, and it was such a fun way to get the weekend started.
Happy Birthday Tara, we love you!
Next on the agenda was to head downtown and catch The Wizard of Oz at the Paramount. We are really big musical theater nerds, but honestly we love going to shows! Especially ones meant for children.
That being said, the main problem with loving shows that target kindergartners is that the audience is filled with evil brats tiny humans.
I swear sometimes I don't know what is wrong with people. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune someday when I have children, but honestly I do not understand someone who brings their child to a fancy theater, pays $70 for seats, and then lets the child scream throughout the entire production.
The fun-loving dad next to us sat his daughter on his lap (she actually placed one leg over on Stewart's lap) and then proceeded to talk and sing to her AT FULL VOLUME for the duration of the show, as if they were the only two people there!
"Do you see the witch, isn't she scary? Oh my goodness, here come the Munchkins! Do you remember what happens next?"
Are you effing kidding me??!?
Stewart and I both rudely and obviously covered our ears with both hands, but that didn't seem to deter Dad at all. It also didn't block out the ringing of a cell phone that went on for the duration of most of one famous song. I know I've said it before, but honestly what the hell is wrong with people!?
That being said, I loved the show and had a great time, albeit the spoiled brats and obnoxious parents in attendance. But maybe next time I should opt for a show that targets grown ups.
After the show we headed down to Puyallup to the Ram for a firefighter retirement party. I don't go to Puyallup very often, and we eat at the Ram even less, but it was actually a really fun evening with good food and great people. Plus there was a Hawaiian theme (the guest of honor is relocating to Hawaii), and y'all know how I feel about theme parties! Best.thing.ever.
Phew. We were feeling pretty tuckered out by this point (god I miss that 20-something energy), but we still had one more party to crash that evening... a housewarming party for Stew's friend Justin at his new place on Lake Washington. Holy moly his place was fantastic! Filled with yummy food, drinks, and peeps, the house looks out over the lake toward Bellevue... gorgeous!
Since we're old and lame mature and responsible we didn't stay too terribly late, but we did have fun catching up with some good friends before we headed home to pour ourselves into bed. After all, we had a big day of tailgating coming up on Sunday!

I'm a pretty good planner, and I can usually manage to get quite a bit accomplished in a single day, but even I can admit that Saturday was a little excessive... I think I'll try to keep my calendar a little more open in the future. But it was still awesome to see so many rad people in the course of 24 hours.
I hope that you had a fantastic, fun-filled Saturday as well!


  1. Wow, girl! Sounds like a fun, jam-packed day!!! Well, maybe fun minus The Wizard of Oz. I can't believe people would behave like that at the theater! Unacceptable!

  2. You guys are WAY too nice. Cory and I definitely would've said something to the dad about his loud mouth. And probably would've been kicked out for it, haha. P.S. don't you just LOVE The Ram?! My parents and I used to hit up the one in University Village when my brother was playing baseball games at UW. SO freaking good!

  3. I've seen a ton ton ton of musicals and plays in my day. I went to New York for a week five years ago and saw 20 broadway shows. No joke. And I would NEVER take James. He's way too young and I would not shell out the money for it. and honestly I would have said something to that dad. Haha I feel like now that I'm a parent I can be like- dude I have a kid at home.. Key word HOME. So tell yours to hush. That's just rude!!

    That buffet place sounds amazing. I'm all about things like that only I leave feeling sick because I eat way way too much!!

  4. Did I ever tell you about that one time at the Nutcracker when I got yelled at by the guy in front of us, because the lady next to us was HUMMING THROUGH THE WHOLE SHOW... seriously what the eff people! If you can't play nice in public, stay in your home! I'm glad to hear the rest of your weekend was good; busy but full of fun people and places it looks like!
    - Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  5. Ah, I love Salty's!!!! Such a yummy brunch!

  6. I'm usually the same way at buffets. I always think I can eat so much, and I just can't!

    As a teacher, I find that people spend less and less time teaching their children how to be respectful and behave appropriately in society. It's sad. The Wizard of Oz is awesome and grown-ups and children alike should be able to enjoy it without screaming! lol

  7. A Bloody Mary Bar? No effing way!?!? I wanted to comment more but I can't think straight..
    PS- it is NOT impolite to ask the person next to you, after paying for theater tickets, to kindly SHUT HIS CHILD UP!

  8. Wow! What a busy Saturday! Glad you had fun (well minus the father/daughter crazies at the Wizard of Oz). I've been to Salty's a few times...yum!!


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