Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket...

I am no stranger to thrift shopping, my friends. In fact, quite a few of our plethora of Halloween costumes came from either Value Village or Goodwill.
But my most favorite form of thrift shopping is going to garage sales, a fantastic activity I learned about years ago from my mom and aunts.
Just twice a year in the fairly affluent community of Mill Creek (just north of Seattle), residents are allowed to have garage sales. This means that they save up all their stuff all year long, and then on two specific weekends the vast majority of houses open up their garages to all of us peasants bargain shoppers.
This might sound kind of weird, but it's so much fun!
We start out with a ridiculous sleepover at my aunt's house on Friday night to start things off, and then ignore our hangovers early Saturday morning so that we can leave bright and early to be at the best and most ritzy neighborhoods just in time to see their garage doors lift. That's when the free-for-all begins. You should see the determination of some of these people... Women literally snatching things out of each other's hands! It can be kind of intense.
That being said, I did once snag a Prada bag for $5, so you can see where the urgency comes in. These people are getting rid of good stuff for dirt cheap!
Honestly though, I go mostly for the experience. I love spending the day with my aunts and cousins, jumping in and out of cars and racing to the next big sale. The streets are filled with other shoppers, along with kids selling lemonade, donuts and hot dogs for their school fundraisers. It's a pretty festive, high energy experience.
And we had a really big, fun group this year!
The weather was also fantastic, which makes it a lot more fun.
And I snagged some awesome deals!
Two lamps, four purses, thirteen tops, and four books...
All for $59.50 yo!!
And once this stuff hits the dry cleaner I will wear it loud and proud. Don't judge. Almost everything is brands that I love from Nordstrom, some of it with original tags and everything.
Oh and I also got Stew a few treasures...
Shut-the-Box is an traditional English pub game (brand new!), the Mac & Jack's growler was just cool (I got one for my dad, too) and of course my aunt couldn't resist getting him "Curious George and the Firefighters."
In order to even things out karma wise, I thought Sunday would be a good opportunity to go through a bunch of boxes that have been sitting in my back bedroom since they found a new home there after residing in my parent's attic for the last 10 years.
Holy stuffed animals! I might be a hoarder.
Most of them are currently on their way to Goodwill, and hopefully a new home soon.
What I'm going to do with the stuff I decided to keep is a problem for another day...
Do you thrift shop?


  1. Love it! I'm a huge sucker for a good deal. My latest find: BRAND NEW 7 jeans at Goodwill for $4.99. I also snagged an amazing $400 stroller (one of those fancy European ones) for $40. Plastic still on the safety bar. WHAT?!!!!

  2. I'm thinking I need to add this event to my calendar for next year! How fun! And there isn't anything wrong with a good deal - you wear your bargains, loud and proud!!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  3. Oh my goodness, that sounds like the most amazing garage sale(s) ever!!! Why don't they have things like that around here!?!?? (Or maybe they do... I should look into that...)

  4. Ahh!! You were up near me!! (I'm living in bothell right now) I was not aware of this event! Putting it on the must attend list for next year.

  5. I wish I was a good thrifter!!! i swear I don't know how you people do this!!! Looks like you got so much good stuff, congrats!!

  6. i only recently starting thrifting before it was just for halloween costumes but then i realized my kid can wear thrift store onesies and he isn't gonna care, so i have been finding some awesome deals!

  7. That sounds like so much fun! I don't typically like doing garage sales, but with a big group of people, it sounds like a blast! I'm amazed by your haul, and there's no shame in wearing it proudly! :) I also have difficulty getting rid of things. I've been out of my parents' house for 7 years, and there's still stuff there I can't get rid of, but I don't bring it home because I don't have a place for it....I'll figure it out one of these days....or years.

  8. Dang you go girl. Look at that loot!!

  9. OMG! These people are only allowed to have a Garage Sale twice a year? Around these parts, people have them every weekend! (see, another reason to come party here with me!) We have tons of Garage Sales and a couple different large Flea Markets.. it's lots of fun. I love going to them and getting bargains. And those stuffed animals-- I would love to see my furbaby Levi get ahold of them

  10. I'm sad I didn't know about this! I would love to go sometime. My father is a hard core garage saler, thrifter, etc. In fact, his habit almost entirely furnished my new apartment. And I really enjoy it too.

  11. i love this song ^^ have you heard of the cover / acoustic version done by Melanie Martinez? :)

  12. Oh my goodness. I love that there are designated weekends for the garage sales...I'm sure I would have better luck with more of a selection like that. Enjoy your new goodies!

  13. such a great deal on your shopping! I love thrift shopping you can get so much for so little!

    Delightful Ideas

  14. What I have never heard of this Mill Creek phenomenon! That is friggin awesome. I always have the idea that I want to go garage saleing but I never do. I love doing it down in Arizona in my grandma's retirement community. You just ride around in the golf cart and get such awesome deals!

  15. i love a good deal. but i never find much when i go thrifting it makes me sad.

  16. I LOVE going to garage sales! While Mill Creek is a little far from me, it sounds amazing! I might have to make the trek one year:)

    Thanks for linking up with is at Flashback Friday!

  17. Oh man, my mom would love checking out the Mill Creek garage sales. I'm still learning all the fun things about the Seattle area so I had never heard about this, but will be checking it out!

  18. I LOVE going to garage sales. It's kind of hard with a toddler who hates getting in and out of the car, but nobody else ever wants to go with me and she doesn't have a choice!


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