Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach walking and bars... Family Reunion 2013

My family goes to Port Townsend a lot (remember when we went for my dad's birthday a while back?) but this past weekend was our official
2013 Family Reunion!
Everyone from my dad's side of the family came up to hang out for a few days, and to make it extra special we even camped out on our property at North Beach.
For a variety of reasons, my stress levels have been through the roof lately, so a getaway with the fam was a much needed chill pill for me. I took Friday off, which made looking up at my office from the ferry extremely satisfying... freedom!

PS, does everyone else like traveling by ferry as much as I do? Every time I drive on, I feel like a little kid again, and even when I'm by myself I always go up to the deck to hang over the rail and watch the waves with a big smile plastered on my face by the salty wind.
Stew and I have realized lately that my parents' motor home has kind of spoiled us. We weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves when we had to tent camp at Mayfield Lake recently. (Snobs, I know). It's just a baby little motor home that sleeps six people, but honestly, that little bit of extra comfort makes all the difference.

Friday night was big, with the Hawks playing their third pre-game of the season in Green Bay, so we found a random bar to cheer them on. I seriously love dive bars so much. They always have a ton of character, and there's something about the dark, dingy atmosphere that I really dig. The food is always so terrible that it's actually kind of delicious, the beers are cheap, and the company never fails to be entertaining.

I'm so mad that this photo didn't turn out, it would have been so good if it wasn't blurry!
Please, just take a moment to stare into my brother's eyes here. Feel creeped out much?

Of course the Seahawks kicked some Packer butt, and it was a great start to the weekend.

On Saturdays in Port Townsend we always go to the Jefferson County Farmer's Market. It's a fantastic place for breakfast, lunch, people watching, and the procurement of a plethora of genuine hippie-made goods.

This time I was determined to track down the Big Bob Sandwich, because my co-worker claims it's so good that she travels up to PT just for this. It didn't take long to locate, and I forked over $9 for my lunchtime treat: freshly barbecued Wild Alaskan Salmon with pesto, tomato and a fried egg.

Food. Porn.

It was absolutely freakin' amazing!

However, boy did I pay for that rich piece of heaven later. It was like putting diesel into an unleaded tank, my friends. Not good, but it was worth it. Calories in, calories out, right?

I love hanging out at camp and bumming around town, but my most favorite thing about these trips is beach walking. Everyone got involved in a super intense beach glass finding competition, and my back still hurts from stooping over for hours on end. Totally worth it though, as I am determined to someday collect more beach glass than my mother...


 One of our favorite evening haunts is the Pour House (mostly because they have outdoor ping pong tables). Going there with my siblings and cousins is always a blast.
This time, my sister generously offered to buy me a cider, which sounded kind of yummy. However, I had just eaten a huge bag of black licorice candy (I kind of act like a fat kid when I'm on vacay), and I soon found out this was a big mistake when I took a sip of the cider and made this face...
Thanks, sis!!
You've probably noticed that Stewart's handsome face isn't in any of these photos. That's because he was otherwise occupied with the Second Annual Summer Old Man Games out on Sucia Island. Hang tight and I'll tell you about that shortly...
I was bummed that he missed out on our family trip, but realistically we've got so much on our calendar that sometimes the only feasible solution is to split up. It's hard being so popular...
I felt a little bit sad this weekend, knowing that it's our last trip to PT this year... the summer really is winding down. But I'll still have lots of opportunities to see my family, especially considering my aunt Diane's wedding in just a few weeks! So no need to panic.
Hopefully you all had a lovely weekend!
I've missed you, but real life has simply gotten in the way lately. I hope to be back here more frequently in the near future. Hugs!


  1. So happy to see you back and blogging. I was wondering where you had gone :) glad you had fun at your family reunion. It looks super fun!! You look so pretty :) that baby video face is hilarious. We totally tried to do that with a lemon with James but he ended up loving it. Haha.

    My husband and I always used to do dive bars. So fun. There was one called red room that was one block from his apartment when we dated and we would stumble over and hang out with the weirdest locals but it was amazing haha.

  2. The red sea glass can get you a pretty penny if you ever find big pieces and decide to start selling that stuff!!! Just a little FYI ;)

  3. I loved seeing photos of PT! That is where we were married last year. We really want to go back for a low key visit...maybe sometime this fall!

    And I totally agree with the is totally magical EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And that is coming from someone who commutes to an island every day! It is fun to still see people who have lived there their entire lives and still take iphone pics of the city/sunset/water/ferry wake during their commute :)

    1. We totally looked into getting married up there! It's so beautiful and it's almost always sunny for some reason. Yay!

  4. So fun! I want to go!!!! I love the ferry!


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