Friday, August 16, 2013

I am an American Girl

I feel like I owe everyone a big fat apology for my general patheticness as a blogger this month. But does anyone else feel like blogging in the summer is just so much harder? And it's not even because I don't have the time... just a general lack of creativeness and motivation.
I blame too much sun and too many silver bullets for zapping my brain cells.

Stew and I have quite the challenge tomorrow: attending two weddings in one evening... please wish us luck in this extremely difficult (and hopefully super fun) endeavor!
Tonight we will stay in, open a bottle of wine, and practice the chicken dance so that we're fresh for the dance floor tomorrow.
And hey friends, it's #backthatazzup Friday with Whitney, so for your listening pleasure here is my favorite song of the summer:
Now tell me that silly bubblegum pop ridiculousness doesn't just make your day.
(I may have forced everyone on the boat last weekend to listen to it on repeat until their ears were bleeding)
Come on, sing it with me as you head into the weekend...
"I'll just keep movin' my body... I'm always ready to party!"



  1. We have only had it happen where we had two weddings on the same day, and they were so far apart we only went to one. I felt bad choosing one over the other...

  2. Two weddings sounds so fun! Party hopping. Better get a dd hahahaha

  3. Good luck with the two weddings!

  4. I needed some bubblegum pop this morning! Good luck this weekend, hope you have a great time at both weddings!

    And I am totally with you-I just have no enthusiasm for blogging right now. I can read posts, but writing one, just results with me staring at the computer for thirty minutes before I give up and go back outside. Hang in there!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  5. Two funerals in one day.. errr Weddings! You are a superstar and I expect pictures!! Pretty please teach me how to put those grooveshark thingys on my blog. I tried once, got scared, and quit. I wanna backmyazzup too!

  6. Every year, we ALL tend to slack in the summer. Mommy bloggers have their kids home, there are tons of fun things to do, and you are right...we all tend to lack creativity. Hope you have fun at the weddings!

  7. I love that song! Have you seen the video with all the celebrities in it? So fun! Going to two weddings in one night sounds pretty impressive! Let us know how it went!

  8. Wow! Two weddings! I hope it goes well for everyone and you are not too exhausted by it all!


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