Monday, February 18, 2013

Mt. Baker Ski Trip

We were super bummed when my kidney stone ruined our ski trip to Mount Baker over the holiday weekend in January, so we decided to try again for President's Day weekend.

Stew's brother Mark has a condo just about 25 minutes from the ski area so that's where we crashed for the weekend. Stew, Tara, Jason and I arrived Saturday evening and had a fun day of skiing and snowboarding on Sunday before Andrew joined us for dinner, drinking, and hot tubbing.

I haven't been snowboarding at Mt. Baker in years so I was really looking forward to it. The conditions weren't amazing, but we still had a great time... with one small exception, which I'll explain shortly.

Firefighter building us a fire.

Tara and I made a yummy dinner Saturday night.

Fun on the slopes.

"I just need to rest my leg!"

My first time snowboarding this season. And likely my last (see below).

Hanging out at Chair 9 after a day on the mountain.

And... the aftermath. This is my knee, currently.

2013 has really been a bummer year for us so far. I thought the kidney stone debacle would be enough for a while, but apparently not. I fell coming off the very first chair lift of the day and seriously twisted my knee. But instead of ruining the day for everyone, including myself, I decided to shake it off and fight through the pain. Tara and I did have a great time skiing and snowboarding all morning, but by the time we were done with lunch I knew something was seriously wrong, and it was all I could do to get back down to the main lodge. And now my knee is so painful I can't bend or walk on it at all... not good, obviously.

I've never had a knee injury before and I'm not crazy about going back to the doctor for another CT scan at the moment, so for right now I'm just taking an anti inflammatory and using ice and crutches. If it doesn't start to feel better in a couple days I'll go to the doctor, I suppose. I feel so betrayed by my stupid, frail human body!
Oy vey.  


  1. looks like so much fun but that sucks about your knee!!! Hope you feel better soon!


  2. OMG! That sucks. I swear everyone is getting hurt on the mountain. Makes me not want to go anymore!

  3. holy cow you have some bad luck this year!!!! we do too! Dustin hurt his back and has had to go to the doc twice! RIGHT when he started back to work! but it will be okay, you are one tough chic! Love ya!

  4. The trip was so fun!! It's such a bummer about your knee, though. Hopefully it's starting to feel a little better. :-)

  5. oh my gosh sarah! your poor thing 2013 has to get better after this and the kidney stones!! hope nothing is seriously wrong with your knee, keep us updated!

  6. Oh my gosh, that's absolutely awful. I hope it turns out to be nothing serious!

  7. Oh No!!! That is so scary to fall off a chair lift! Hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Looks like your luck for 2013 can only get better from now on! Hope it's healing ok!

  9. Oh no! Hope your knee heels quickly! Other then than, loving these pictures, and that dinner meal looks delicious!
    xo TJ

  10. Oh no! I'm sorry 2013 is off to such a rough start! I tore my ACL while skiing, but waited a few months to be seen by the dr. because I didn't think it was serious. I hope it's nothing too bad. You're a trooper for snowboarding through the pain!

  11. Aw, bummer! I'm so sorry about your knee!

  12. Mt. Baker!! One place I wished I had gone up to when I was going to school in Bellingham.

    And your knee, holy moly! Ouch! Fingers crossed for a really quick recovery :(


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