Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting so close we can taste it.

Just two more weeks until we close on the new house in Snoqualmie! We've been going up as often as we can to see what progress has been made, and every time we visit something new and exciting has been done.
Most of the exterior painting is complete!
There will also be a third, fairly dark accent color for the door, some of the trim, and the window shutters.
The tile back splash in the kitchen is in and we're so happy with how it turned out.
Everything looks pretty matchy-matchy right now, but the stainless steel appliances should help break that up.

My giant under mounted kitchen sink. This was an upgrade I insisted on.

And here are the cabinets with the crown molding added at the top. So pretty.

And a pantry! This is going to change my life.

Not really any changes to this room, except you can see that the window coverings have been installed.

Stair railings almost all done. I didn't take pictures of them, but you can see the
powder room and the den in the background.

All the fixtures have been installed in the master bath including the shower surround and tub.
I don't like baths, but I might make an exception here...

The laundry room sink is in and we're just waiting for the washer/dryer in this room.
I am going to LOVE being able to wash and dry full loads!

This front guest room is my favorite... I just love the window seat
and view of the neighborhood and mountains in the distance.

Nothing too exciting happening in the guest bathroom right now, but I still think the tile and cabinets are pretty.

And here was our big surprise... the fenced backyard! We had no idea we had so much property.
When we selected the lot we thought it went just a couple feet above the rock wall... it turns out
we own all the way up to the top of the hill! The landscaping isn't done yet but now we have that
whole sloped upper area to deal with... not quite sure how we're going to utilize it, but we'll take it!
Our condo is crowded with empty boxes that I need to start filling with our belongings, because the countdown is really on. But we're heading up to Mt. Baker this morning to make up for our previously ruined trip, so I'll really have to get on that next week.
We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. Two weeks!! That will fly by! Everything looks great! And I totally agree with you about the under mounted sink - great upgrade! And lots of great space in your backyard! A garden perhaps?!

  2. holy crap! i love this!!!! so beautiful and such a big yard! that's going to be awesome! i just love everything!!!

  3. Can't wait to start cooking in that kitchen!!!

  4. You should definitely plant a ton of naturalizing daffodils and tulips up on the sloped part....they would be so pretty!!!

  5. Beautiful master bath, I'm jealous!!


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