Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What are we going to do for the next seven months?

Tara featuring her gourmet nachos.
They were so delicious.
Well friends, the NFL football season has officially come to an end. Stew had to work, but I celebrated by getting together with Tara, Andrew, and a couple of their friends to watch the Super Bowl.

Of course it was bittersweet since the Seahawks didn't get to participate, but I'll pretty much use any excuse to get together with friends and eat chips and dip, so it was still a win for me.

I despise the 49ers (and especially Jim Harbaugh) even more than I hate bananas, so of course I was cheering for the Ravens and luckily wasn't disappointed. I couldn't bear to watch San Fran win the Super Bowl after we totally spanked them in Seattle.

I made Skinny Taco Dip which I haven't done since last summer and I forgot how yummy it is! Tara also made some of the most delicious nachos I've ever had (I love lots of toppings) and Marie prepared some awesome treats like artichoke Parmesan dip and BBQ chicken wings. I'm pretty sure I consumed my suggested calorie intake for the entire week.

Our partially-devoured spread.

Apart from feeling lethargic and chubby after eating so much junk, I'm also feeling let down about the official end of the season... what the heck are we going to do on Sundays for the next seven months??

PS is the Go Daddy commercial still turning your stomach? It is mine. Barf.


  1. I'm up for any excuse to eat delicious food, but I love the Super Bowl too. And honestly, I kind of wanted the 49ers to win. Power of the NFC West!

  2. I am still trying to detox from the weekend too! I did not like the Go Daddy commercial at all, the Budweiser horse one was my fave!


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