Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Update

A few weeks ago Stewart and I realized that we had this entire weekend free. I'm not sure that this has happened since before we got married. But somehow Stew had both Saturday and Sunday off work, and we had managed to not pre-plan any big activities or trips. Although my first instinct was to start making plans and scheduling appointments, I went against my instincts and left the calendar blank so Stew and I could spend the weekend together checking off some to-do list items.

First on the list: Quality Time, check!

When Stew got home from his shift Sunday morning we cleaned the entire house top to bottom and then went over to Duke's Chowder House for lunch and a walk around Green Lake. It was an absolutely gorgeous crisp fall afternoon, our lunch was especially delicious, and the lake was particularly serene. We even stopped to watch the kids play soccer for a while.

I hadn't been to Duke's in forever...
I forgot how much I love that place!

I lovely fall day for a walk around the lake.

This is one of my favorite times of year, with the changing leaves and
crisp autumn weather.

Up Next: Errands, check! This included a stop at Goodwill to buy "'80s Prom" costumes for a trip we're taking next weekend. (How we managed to spend almost $80 at Goodwill is still confusing to me.) We also got new windshield wipers for my car and ordered the iPhone 5 at the Sprint store.

Back At Home: Wedding Book Photo Selections, half a check. We are incredibly overdue in making our photo selections for the albums that come with our wedding photo package. But picking just 30 photos out of more than 2,000 is a daunting task! We did a first round and were able to select 80 photos, which we now need to narrow down to just 30. We hope to get that done this week.

That Evening: Get DVR Down From 98%, check! Wow, were we behind. Were y'all aware that Christina won Hell's Kitchen, and that Rachel and Nick emerged as the victorious couple on Bachelor Pad 3, only to have Nick NOT share the $250,00 prize with Rachel? Scandalous! And after one of the most boring seasons of The Real World ever, the cast of St. Thomas ended up absolutely hating one another at the reunion show, and even resorted to physical violence! Wow. So yeah, we spent Saturday night watching reality television, and we loved every second of it. Don't judge.

I may have dozed off at one point...

On Sunday: Join the Smart Phone Generation, check! We went back to Sprint to pick up our new cell phones, and we are each now the proud owner of an iPhone 5. We're still not quite sure how to use them, but they sure are new and fancy!

Afterward we grabbed lunch and watched some football at Hamburger Harry's (have you had their burgers? they're amazing) and then went home to finish up some more chores. I was able to prepare lots of pre-packaged meals for the week including crockpot chicken curry and lots of fresh veggies, and Stew spent some time reading the warranty information on the new house... super exciting.

It was a pretty nice little Sunday. (I thought maybe we'd make it to Bed Bath & Beyond, but just didn't know if we'd have enough time.)

In all honesty, we really needed this weekend to restore our mental sanity. We've been going a million miles a minute for months and months now, and a nice quiet, productive weekend was just what we needed to get ourselves back on track. I feel energized and prepared for the week... I hope my positive attitude lasts!


  1. i love weekends that dont have plans which are usually rare and very infrequently! looks like you two had a great weekend and got in lots of quality time for sure

  2. I just found my senior sweatshirt the other day!

  3. haha wow you were behind on the DVR! but I know - the ending of bachelor pad was INSANE!!!! The past few weeks have been super busy for me too (probably shouldn't be on blogs right now but need a mental break) but after a little thing called Windows 8 comes out my life will be much calmer!

  4. Wasn't that Bachelor Pad finale shocking?! ha! I couldn't believe how it turned out! Enjoy your iphone -- I recently got one and got used to it pretty quickly!

  5. Sounds like an absolutely great weekend.

    I love that pic of you with the cat! So cute.

  6. I have never been to dukes chowder but I want to! I hear its delicious! And great greenlake photos by the way :)


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