Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hit and Run

I went down to our parking garage on Saturday evening to head to the grocery store, and I was greeted by this extremely annoying situation...

The woman who parks next to us in our garage completely side swiped my car!
I looked, in vain, for a note.
How do you do this much damage to someone's car and then obliviously
proceed upstairs to enjoy the rest of your evening?!
Here are the parked cars.

And here is the damage to her front end, which basically scraped
all along the passenger side of my car.

The unit numbers above our parking spots are clearly marked, so it was just a matter of knocking on her door and confronting her with the fact that she side swiped my vehicle. Her response? "No... I don't think so!"  Again, how in the heck do you obliviously hit someone's car?!  However, once she saw the damage, she did in fact admit that yes, it appeared she had inadvertently scraped my car while parking hers. (You think?!) So we got her insurance information and are in the process of filing a claim and getting this taken care of.

Frankly, I'm actually surprised it has taken so long for something like this to happen. Her car is practically brand new, yet almost every week I notice new dents, scrapes and scratches. You can see by the yellow paint on the front end (that's also now scraped down the side of my car) that she had already hit something like a taxi cab or a fire hydrant.

So obviously this is the last thing we have the time or energy to be dealing with right now... sigh.


  1. That's super lucky that it happened where you live instead at the store or something, you'd never be able to track that person down. I wonder if she really was oblivious? Otherwise it seems like she would have let you know right away, since you would know it was her.

  2. Ugh - did she really think she could get away with it?? That's so silly. Hit and runs are so bad. So sorry this is happening right now.

  3. annoying! That chick needs to have her license revoked with as many fender benders she's been in.

  4. Oh my gosh how annoying!!! Yeah I was wondering what all that yellow was too? Do you think maybe she had been coming from the bar or something and shouldn't have been driving?

  5. Seriously? It never ceases to amaze me how oblivious people are.

    We got backed into in a Walgreens parking lot on our way home from the hospital with Lyla (literally -she was like 40 hours old) and the guy driving the truck had to be chased down by one of the people who had witnessed it - he had no clue he'd hit us.

    Hope it gets resolved for you quickly. Such a headache.


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