Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'80s Prom!

Happy Halloween, everyone! The theme for our spooky weekend getaway in the woods was '80s Prom, and it was totally radical!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, mostly because getting dressed up in costume is so much fun. Last year Stew and I went all out as Mario and Princess Peach, but this year since Halloween falls mid-week (and Stew has to work), we don't have as many opportunities to bust out amazing alter egos. However, our trip to Kachess Ridge last weekend provided the perfect opportunity for a Halloween costume party... with '80s Prom as the theme.

I started prepping earlier in the day with bright pink
nail polish and an accent nail... I hear that's what the
kids are doing these days?!
Traditional awkward photo shoot for our arrival at prom.
We both had extra special hairstyles for the occasion.
Now that is some masculine '80s hotness.
More photobooth fun.
Instead of dancing, we organized some drinking games.

Who can resist a man with a mullet?
Business in the front, party in the back!

Happy Halloween from the Always!


  1. hahah that mullet is amazing! Love your costumes last year too!

  2. You know the 80's are back in style when the group photo of you girls in the 80's gear doesn't really look all that dated! (The guys with the mullets on the other hand? I hope that's a trend that never returns). Looks like a great time! Love the posed photo of you and Stew.

  3. omg these photos are awesome!!!!


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