Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meeting Baby Aubrey

This weekend we went to visit Nichole, Aaron, Sophia and Baby Aubrey at their house in Forest Grove, Oregon. It was our first opportunity to meet Aubrey and we were so excited! Aubrey Renee surprised us almost four weeks early on July 2, 2012 at 3:42 a.m. She was 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and 19.5 inches long. We weren't expecting Aubrey to arrive until a few weeks later, so it took Stew and I a little longer than we would have liked to make the trip down to Oregon to meet her. But once we saw that precious face we fell in love with her immediately and now I can't imagine this family's life without her! Four just seems like the perfect number to round things out and make everything complete.

We always have the best time when we visit my sister's family. They have this amazing bonus room upstairs with huge comfy couches and lots of room to play with the girls, watch football, and chit chat the hours away. We spent a day and a night catching up, playing with Sophia, and getting to know Aubrey. And of course Stew and Aaron watched a whole lot of college football. We are so in love with our nieces and we can't wait to see the whole family again very soon!

Stew playing in Sophia's tunnel.

Baby Aubrey... I could just sit like this with her for days!
She's such a good baby, she sleeps most of the time and only
fussed when she was hungry or needed a diaper change.
What a perfect child!

Sophia on Trigger, my little brother's childhood pony.

Reading books with Sophia. She LOVES being read to,
my mom says I was the exact same way.

Sweet Baby Aubrey.
As usual our visit seemed too short, and every time we see Sophia she has grown and changed so much. Nichole was pregnant with Sophia while we were in Europe, so while we were there we bought Sophia a handmade wooden clock from this amazing store in Italy that is exactly like Mister Geppetto's workshop. We chose an adorable hippopotamus clock, and since then we've also gotten Sophia lots of other hippo stuffed animals, toys and books. This time we got her some whistling hippo bath toys which she loved, and I adored watching her carry them around exclaiming, "HIPPO!"

But of course Aubrey needed a handmade wooden clock as well, so a few months ago we ordered one and after much deliberation chose an elephant for Aubrey's animal. We also brought her an adorable plush stuffed elephant from the Woodland Park Zoo to match Sophia's hippo. As someone with a younger sister, I know how important it is to make these things fair! We really love being able to shop for all the fun kid stuff that goes along with having nieces. And I really love seeing Stew with a baby in his arms... he's going to make a wonderful dad!


  1. Okay I really do not have a preference for boy or girl if we have another kiddo but I have to admit...those matching PJs really make me wish for two girls.

    Your nieces are adorable!

  2. aw those girls are so cute and you and stew look so good with little ones! i want a wooden clock!!! lol.. abraham has a christmas coo coo clock and he will inherit my mom's coo coo clock from germany! he also has my childhood rocking horse that my dad made, so that's cool that sophia has your little brother's horse! so cute!

  3. Jess - I know, aren't those matching jammies so cute?! I loved them.

    Brooke - Stew is amazing with little kids. You should go to that web site, they have so many amazing cool wooden toys. The shipping costs from Italy are atrocious though, so it's best to order a bunch of stuff at once.


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