Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend on Sucia Island

For the first time since we met, Stew and I spent Labor Day Weekend somewhere other than Sunland. (Go ahead and take a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor). Yes, friends, this particular holiday did not include volleyball, beer pong, pasties, the sand bar, or drinking to excess (well maybe there was a little bit of that). Instead, we went back to Sucia Island in the San Juans with a few of Stew's buddies. The guys have been camping on Sucia since college and I've really come to love this amazing island. 

Sucia Island is only accessible by boat, and we arrived late Friday night just in time to set up camp. The weather was perfect except for a little wind, and we spent three glorious days hanging out, boating and crabbing, exploring the island, campfire cooking, reminiscing, and participating in the inaugural Summer Old Man Games (more on that later). We got home Monday afternoon feeling extremely well-rested and ready for fall. But I can't wait to go back to Sucia again in the near future. Every time I visit the San Juan Islands I fall in love with the Pacific Northwest all over again.

Awesome views from our campsite on the beach.

Beach exploring. I could literally walk on the beach all day long and never get bored.

The only place on the boat Stew likes to sit.

Yum, yum, get in my belly! Crab for dinner!

Justin, Jason and Stew enjoying an afternoon on the high seas.

The feast. Crab cooked in seawater and Coors Light.

More beach exploring.

Pretty views from the marina on the other side of the island.

Hanging out on the beach in the sun reading a magazine. Heaven.

Incredible sunsets, I just never got over the views.

Fun times at camp and an impressive campfire!
I love the little cove we camp in.
Another amazing sunset.
40% of our groomsmen... plus Stew.
Taking a break from the Old Man Games.
I was by myself with the guys until Sunday when Jessica and Cory arrived... so happy to see them!
Hiking around the island.

Marina on the other side of the island with lots of sail boats.
Family picture!
Climbing in the Chinaman Caves... I've never really done any climbing before and it was so cool!
Another breathtaking sunset for our last night on the island.
We hit a couple exciting detours on our way home. First up was a stop at the Alderwood Mall to pick up a brand new iPad! Our laptop broke about a year ago and we haven't been able to browse the Internet from our couch since then and we've really missed it! So far we're loving our new toy.

After the mall we stopped by Jesse and Katie's house to meet Baby Harper... what a precious little doll! She is a little blondie just like mom and dad, and I can't wait to see what other traits she will inherit as she grows up.

A final stop to pick up Thai food for dinner rounded out our fantastic weekend. We hope that everyone else had a wonderful holiday as well. Stay tuned for a post about the first annual Summer Old Man Games!


  1. What a fun weekend away and the weather looked great up there! Crab, amazing!

  2. You know...never been to the islands! I will definitely haven't make a trip up there one of these days. Looked like you had the perfect weekend for camping.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Growing up we spent 2 weeks in the San Juans every summer (including staying on our anchored boat there at Sucia). Loved those vacations and miss them a lot.

  4. Love the San Juans! So gorgeous! One of the areas that make me sad about the thought that I might ever move away. Not that I am, but still.


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