Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Deck Party 2012

Once again, as part of my company's annual auction to raise money for United Way of King County, my department hosted a party at my boss's beautiful house on Bainbridge Island. Guests purchased tickets at our annual charity auction last year, and yesterday was the day of the party. Each year we choose a theme for the event, and this year it was "Big Ass BBQ," which meant a Western-inspired menu including appetizers, a typical smoked barbecue main menu and dessert, and delicious drinks to wash everything down.

We arrived on the island bright and early Saturday morning to start prepping, cooking, cleaning and decorating before our guests arrived. Last year by the time the party started we were so exhausted we couldn't really enjoy the event, so this time we tried to simplify the menu slightly so we would be alert enough to socialize with our co-workers when they arrived. Our strategy worked out very well and I'd say it was probably our most successful party to date!

Prepping for our main dishes.

My friend Jessica and I occupied ourselves for quite a while
prepping Italian parsley and cilantro for some recipes.

Stew stoked the fire so we could barbecue
steak, chicken and ribs for the main course.

Other dishes included "Cowboy Caviar" salsa, Caesar salad with "big ass croutons,"
potato salad, baked beans and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

We always start our guests off with jello shots as they arrive.
It tends to make the party a little more lively!

Our lovely outdoor party venue.

This year we rented a margarita machine so no one would get stuck bar tending.

Yee-hawing with my friend Margaret.

Getting silly with the admin team.

Planning and prepping for this party can be absolutely exhausting and very stressful, but this year as we headed home on the ferry I felt extremely satisfied with what we had accomplished. Everyone had a great time and I wasn't nearly as drop dead exhausted as I've been in years past, and I had a really great time spending the day with my co-workers.

So that's one more big event checked off our list!

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