Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Summer Summertime!

Well, it appears that summer in Seattle has finally arrived! After Katie's baby shower we went down to American Lake for a little boating... the first time we'd been out in Brett's boat all summer! I was seriously afraid I might have forgotten how to wake surf, but luckily it seems to be just like riding a bike.

I am just so, so happy that summer finally seems to be here. Stewart and I were talking and thinking that usually by this point in the summer we would have been out in the boat at least a dozen times, but this year's dreary, cold weather just hasn't really inspired a lot of boating. So it was such a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

Yes! Back on the surf board and loving it!

Dancing like an idiot because I'm just that excited...

Testing my skills...

Add a Coors Light to anything for a little more fun.

Now if only we could re-create The Amazing Bud Light Save... 


  1. haha with the Coors Light - that is impressive!

  2. fun times! I swear it has only drizzled ONCE since July 2nd here!! it has been sunny and nice except just a few cloudy days. Most people say summer begins on 4th of July and they were totally right b/c right on the 4th it was sunny & has pretty much stayed. I am loving it compared to the heat & humidity in Alabama!!


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