Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Bachelor Party

Being the proper future wife that I am, I knew better than to ask for details about Stewart's bachelor party. However, he did share a few fun memories so I'll share at least some of those tidbits here...

Stew had SIXTEEN guys attend his bachelor party in Las Vegas over Super Bowl weekend. Brett, the best man, brought along lots of silly outfits to make sure that Stew got the maximum amount of attention possible. The boys experienced the thrill rides at the top of the Stratosphere, ziplined in old Vegas, attempted to shoot guns (didn't happen, long story), and really just participated in all the typical Sin City debauchery. Stew even picked up some extra cash when the Giants beat the Patriots.

It sounds like the guys had an absolute blast, but I was happy to have my future husband home safe and sound.

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  1. I have been waiting for new posts!!! omg looks like the boys had a lot of fun, they are silly ;)


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