Monday, February 13, 2012

The Bachelorette Party

You didn't think I'd let Stewart go to Vegas and then not go myself, did you?! I spent this past weekend in Sin City making memories with most of my very favorite gals in the entire world. The 12 of us headed down on Friday and let me just say... it was epic. Here are a few of the photos I've received so far from my fabulous friends and family. I feel so lucky that they all came down to spend the weekend with me... one of my last as a single woman!

This is basically one of my dreams come true... A limo
waiting for me at the airport! Courtesy of Auntie Elaine.

With cold champagne waiting and everything!

I really did feel like a celebrity.

No airport shuttle for us!

Ready to hit the town - temps in the 70s!

All dressed up for our first night out.

Yowza, that is one hot Momma!

Me and Crys, ready to party.

I have some good looking ladies in my family...

Hanging out on Crystal's fancy bed.

Apparently I was ready for a dance party.

That's how we roll...

I never got sick of those limo rides!

Italian dinner before the show.

And of course a little gambling...

Yes. We did.

Mom with a beverage for the road...

Now that's a car full of lovely ladies!

When you stay at The Flamingo you
get to see real flamingos!
After a late brunch on Saturday...

...we hit the Sugar Factory to recharge!

Fab Four all dressed up for country night.

Dinner at the Sugar Factory, my new
favorite Las Vegas restaurant.

Sittin' pretty w/ Tara and Rach.

This place is SO MUCH FUN.
I will go back every single time I visit Las Vegas.

My mom bought me that crown.

Of course the bachelorette always
gets pulled up on stage...

With darling Amanda!

And my fantastic, fabulous sister and Maid of Honor, Erin.
The girls planned such an epic weekend for me! I felt like a rock star everywhere we went and we all had so much fun together. My friends and family are so awesome. I'm glad they got to experience my last days as a single woman with me in Vegas!

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  1. you guys look so cute! I'm glad you had a good time & i'm jealous b/c i want to drink champagne in a limo!!!


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