Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bellingham Adventures

The city of Bellingham has always been near and dear to our hearts.

It's where Stew and I both went to college (although we didn't know each other at the time), and it's just a few miles south of the little town where Stew grew up near the Canadian border. Quite a few of his childhood friends have also chosen to make the area home, so we like to get up there and visit every once in a while.

On this trip, we decided to start out the day with a little hike to Fragrance Lake on Chuckanut Mountain.

It was a beautiful morning for a wilderness stroll, and Ryder was actually pretty well-behaved during the hike up to the lake. He even fell asleep, but woke up in time to throw some rocks in the water before we headed back down the mountain.

After some lunch (and ice cream!) later that afternoon, we met up with some of Stew's buddies go boating out around the San Juan Islands. Stew was so excited for Ryder to experience crabbing for the first time! 

Of course he loved it, and it was an absolutely beautiful day to be out on the water.

I wish I had taken a photo of all the crab these guys caught... WOW. 


We've had a very busy summer so far, so it was nice to just get out of town for the day for some fun outdoor family activities.

If you're ever looking for a little getaway location, I highly recommend Bellingham!

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