Saturday, November 28, 2015

Giving Thanks

We spent Thanksgiving at the Always this year, and as usual it was a fabulous day filled with family, food and fun.

We left home at bedtime the night before, in the hopes that Ryder would sleep all the way down to Vancouver, Washington. Luckily he did, and this time he didn't barf in the car first, either.

The next morning, we went for a walk so that Stew's brother Mark could show us his drone. Those things are so cool! It was extra cold out though, and apparently Ryder isn't a fan of being freezing, so unfortunately we weren't able to stay out very long despite the sunshine.

After he got warmed up, Ryder was such a good boy, even taking a long nap with Mommy before the rest of the guests arrived for the big feast. 

Dinner included all of our Thanksgiving traditional favorites. We were surprised to learn that Ryder absolutely loves turkey, but he won't touch mashed potatoes. Strange kid.

Ryder hadn't seen his Uncle Patrick in quite a while, but it didn't take them long to make up for lost time.

Just a little boy and his Daddy.

Family photo. I'm so thankful to have these two. With them in my life, I really don't need anything else in the world... 

Ryder loved building / destroying block towers with Uncle Mark.

If you look closely, you can see his hand is blurred as he swings it wildly, preparing for destruction... 

Drone. The only acceptable way to take a selfie.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, with lots of food and all of your favorite people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Ellie's not a fan of mashed potatoes either...except to use them as finger paint. Ha

  2. Love it! I almost got him those blocks lol and had them!!

  3. But mashed potatoes are the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner!?! Silly kid! And that hair of his! Too cute! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. :)

  4. A drone!?? That is awesome! So much better than a selfie stick. I'm with your son, mashed potatoes are my least favorite thanksgiving side. Looks like an awesome family holiday!

  5. This looks like an awesome Thanksgiving! And I can't believe he doesn't like mashed potatoes! I thought everyone liked those!


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