Friday, November 27, 2015

All I Want for Christmas is You

Dear Santa,
I really don't require anything for my December birthday or Christmas this year.
However, for the benefit of those people in my life who may refuse to adhere to this request, here are a few items that, if received, would be accepted with a smile.

MacBook Air. I've wanted one for years, ever since my iBook kicked the bucket.
Paris Purse. Super cute, made by Thirty-One, my current obsession.
All About The Benjamins Wallet. Because I'll need the matching wallet. Obviously.
Seahawks Pep Rally Pants. I can always use more Hawk Gear!
Double Duty Caddy. I'm such an organizational nerd.
Victoria's Secret Gift Card. Because sometimes it's fun to buy some pretty, expensive undies.

Happy Black Friday, everyone!
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  1. I like this list. Simple and sweet. :)

  2. I have a macbook air and really wish I had a pro, since I use it all day, everyday. BUT it is super light and totally does the job if you aren't using it that often. I love that bag from Thirty-One, I need to look into it!


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