Thursday, May 22, 2014

Live & Learn -- The Home Team

I've never been a huge baseball fan... the game is just a little slow for my taste. But I've been known to pay attention here and there, and I definitely enjoy an afternoon in the sun at the ballpark. And every once in a while I'll pay attention to a game on TV, mostly because the men in my family are watching it.

The Mariners happened to play on Easter Sunday this year, and at one point I glanced up at the TV and wondered aloud, "Oh, are they playing at home?"

Apparently there is an easy way to tell. In sports journalism for all sports in the United States, the home team is always listed second (to the right), or below (if you're listing them vertically). The rule of thumb is that you're saying "at" in between them:

Mariners AT Marlins

Therefore, it should have been clear to me that the M's were playing in Miami.

Interesting... You learn something new every day!

Thanks, Dad.
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  1. Baseball isn't really my thing either. Like you said..too slow. I'm much more of a football girl myself;-)

  2. uhhh yes!! Baseball has never and will never be my thing, although attending a game can be fun (because hello beer and hot dogs), but I will kill (not literally) for some football...come on August!!

  3. I'm not really into baseball either, but my family is a Pirates family. So, if asked, I say I'm a Pirates fan by birth. haha That is good to know, though, because other than PNC Park (where they Pirates play in Pittsburgh), I'm pretty sure that I don't recognize any other fields on TV.


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