Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Distractions

This weekend was a struggle for me mentally and emotionally, but I got through it with the help of my many extremely supportive friends, plus a few distractions. I've found that as long as I can stay fairly busy, I've been able to keep my overwhelming floods of memories and feelings of grief from entirely overwhelming me. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts.
On Friday Stew and I attended the graduation ceremony for the Seattle Fire Academy, to support Stew's good friend Tony. My goodness, do I love a man in uniform...

Saturday I got some much needed "me" time at my prenatal yoga class in the form of exercise and meditation. My instructor is also helping me to hopefully determine the cause of the constant pain in my hands and feet. We are exploring Reynaud's Syndrome, Carpal/Tarsal Tunnel, Compartment Syndrome, and possible kidney function problems. Massage, acupuncture and/or physical therapy are the some of the things I might try next to get some relief.
And I rounded out the weekend by helping to host a bridal shower for my dear friend Alissa. Assuming that Baby Boy cooperates, I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding this May and I could not be more excited for this wonderful couple.

How was your weekend? 
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  1. Tell you dont have all those things that you listed. I hope not. :( and damn those guys clean up nice. :D So nice to see a man in uniform. Not just one man but alot men. :D and you and baby look great too girl. :D Glad you had a great weekend.

    You can come over and check out my recap post about my weekend.

    Would love you for to join the hops.

  2. The shower looks so cute! Hope you get some relief on that feet and hand pain! Boo!

  3. i fully support acupuncture! but just be sure to get a traditional chinese doctor who is very familiar with treating pregnant women because hitting the wrong nerve/area could trigger contractions! not to worry you because a trained practitioner would know what to avoid but just letting you know. my acupuncturist treated me all the way until i gave birth and i even considered having her in the labor room with me for pain management (but opted out because of, well, the whole being naked and birthing thing.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  4. Hope you find some relief soon. Sounds like you all are looking at all the possibilities. Praying it's nothing serious.

  5. Oh wow what a fun weekend. I have found that keeping busy helps as well. Although I always manage to get stuck in my head somehow. Mourning and grieving is good and natural. But it sucks all the same.

    Looks like you had a fun shower!! Love the colors! You'll have to post more of the deets soon!!

  6. Ummm so I'm completely and utterly brain dead lately but what is all of this grief stuff? I know that you are so busy lately and you have so much going on.. I think about you multiple times a day and I wish that we could talk as much as we used to. I'm always here for you and love ya! PS- Stew looks so darn handsome!

  7. Well hot DAMN!!!! My invite to the hot men in uniform graduation must've gotten lost in the mail!

  8. I love a man in uniform, thanks for the hot men pictures, ha! Your baby shower looks adorable! I love that banner!

  9. fun weekend! hope you get some comfort soon!! hugs.

  10. Hope you've found some relief! And that shower looks adorable!


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