Sunday, June 17, 2012

Twin Falls Hike for Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Russ and Patty came up to Seattle on Sunday and we braved the dreary weather forecast and headed to Twin Falls State Park for a day hike. After driving just 35 miles east of Seattle we were well into the gorgeous Pacific Northwest wilderness. From the trail head we hiked for about a mile through the mossy forest along the shores of the South Fork Snoqualmie River. The lush green forest growth was absolutely gorgeous! Despite the uncertain weather, the trail was pretty packed with families enjoying a day outdoors with dad.

After a fairly slow, flat start we climbed up a series of long switchbacks until we came to a short trail that led to a fantastic overlook of the lower falls. Then back on the main trail we continued to climb another half mile or so to a bridge that took us over the river gorge, directly between two of the stairstep falls. The view was breathtaking!

Most people turn around here, but we decided to continue following the trail another mile or so, meandering through the moss covered woods before turning back when the trail eventually ended at a gravel road. Round trip we figured the hike was just about five miles.

I absolutely love this type of hiking and was so glad Russ chose Twin Falls for his Father's Day activity. This is a pretty easy hike that's great for families and kids, but it was strenuous enough that I didn't feel too guilty about skipping the gym that day... or for the cheeseburger and beers I had later. I'd like to do this hike again sometime soon, but I also know that there are so many other hikes I would like to try so we'll see!

Are there any other hikes near Seattle that you would recommend?


  1. That's such a pretty hike! We like the Denny Creek trail too. We went up last weekend and it was all muddy and even had some snow still so we didn't go all the way up. It's an easy one and pretty popular once it warms up. I love how we have the option to be in the city or in nature without driving very far here!

  2. I grew up going to Twin Falls, and I just love it. Next time you're out in North Bend, you should do Rattlesnake Ridge. A bit more strenuous, but totally doable in an hour or two. The view is amazing.

  3. I like the Twin Falls hike, too! It's a good one.

    Some of my favorites are Denny Creek/Lake Malawkwa. It's fun to hike the short distance to the waterslides, but if you want a more challenging hike I suggest going all the way up to the lake.

    Lake Serene and Wallace Falls are good ones, too.

    Further north, I like Mt. Pilchuk and Goat Flats Trail. On the goat flats trail, there is a lake about halfway up that is fun to swim in on a hot day.

  4. Great suggestions ladies, thanks so much! I am definitely going to try some of those hikes out this summer.

  5. What a GORGEOUS hike! So beautiful. Love the pictures!


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