Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Patty's sister Kathleen is a volunteer at the Woodland Park Zoo and since Stewart absolutely loves animals and we both adore the zoo (we usually go a couple times a year) she offered to give us a private tour this weekend. We met up on Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. just as the zoo opened prepared for a day of animal fun. 

Our first stop was was feeding the giraffes. The zoo has an award-winning African Savanna with three reticulated giraffes, and for just $5 you can sign up to hand feed them. I think giraffes are absolutely gorgeous and they're one of my favorite animals. This was my first time seeing them up so close!

We absolutely loved feeding the giraffes and it was a great start to our day. Kathleen took us through all of the exhibits and showed us secret areas and shared interesting facts that no one without intimate knowledge of the zoo would have been able to share. The weather was slightly overcast and not too warm, so most of the animals were out and about and we got to see a lot of action.

Simba and Nala?

This guy was so cute...

Stew feeding the birds.

Bears attacking a trash can. "A Bear Affair" was going on at the zoo
with educational programs, and in this exhibit a camp site had been set
up to show how bears will destroy anything left out at camp.

Stew looking at one of his favorite animals... river otters.
They are so playful!

I thought this sunbathing meerkat was so cute.

Just chillin'.

I think the penguins are super adorable.

This one loved Stew and was totally interacting with him!

Gorgeous jungle cats. I want to pet them... meow pretty kitty!
Stew had to remind me that they would probably eat me.

I always forget that it takes between five and six hours to see all the zoo exhibits. The Woodland Park Zoo is massive! But they have so many amazing animals and exhibits so it's such a fun way to spend a sunny day in Seattle. We'll probably be going back again soon.


  1. Lucky you! That really sounds like a lot of fun. I went to the zoo when I first moved up here over ten years ago and was unimpressed. We went again a few years back and were thrilled with all the improvements that had been made. We go several times a year now!

  2. I used to have mixed feelings about the zoo like maybe it was mean to keep the animals caged up, but the Woodland Park Zoo has huge amazing exhibits and the animals seem so happy there, plus I think it's really important for people to be able to learn about the animals so they respect and understand them, etc. :)

  3. fun! we just went to the oregon zoo & it was a lot of fun, happened to be 86 that day ( last weekend ) so it was HOT!!! felt like i was at Zoo atlanta again! .. My friend from Alabama is flying into Seattle in August and we are going to take the kids to the Woodland park zoo, can't wait!

  4. The Woodland Park Zoo is amazing, way better than Point Defiance which is where I went a lot as a kid.


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