Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Skiing

Stewart headed up to Crystal Mountain last Sunday for some spring skiing and snowboarding with Brett and Todd. I really wanted to go with him, but sadly I couldn't find a buddy. Let's just say my snowboarding skill level is lags slightly behind the boys, and although Stew encouraged me to go even though none of my girlfriends could make it, I politely declined. I've never been spring skiing before and I knew the weather was supposed to be gorgeous, but there is nothing I hate more than (a) snowboarding alone, and (b) making Stewart feel forced to hang out with me on the blue runs. Basically I end up having to choose between spending the day feeling lonely or guilty... and I'd rather pass on both.  

So I left the boys to their fun and it sounds like they had an awesome day! Stewart said we definitely need to get up again this month before they're closed for the season. So here's your chance girls, raise your hands if you want to spend a day on the slopes with me!

I did spend the day doing an obscene amount of highly productive errands, so I felt really good about that. Overall though, I'd say Stew probably had a better Sunday...


  1. I can't believe ski-ing is still open but i've heard it's all year long at mt. hood. I have never snow-boarded before but always wanted to try, went ski-ing before but it really turned into sledding LOL next time he goes we should have a girls weekend!

  2. I've never skied before except for cross country with you that one time in Leavenworth, but I love snowboarding. We should definitely plan a girl's weekend.


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