Friday, May 11, 2012

Seattle Seahawks Season Ticket Holders!

On my wish list...
It's been a long time coming... but you are now looking at the proud owners of Seattle Seahawks Season Tickets! GO HAWKS!

We attend a fair number of games every year and are unwavering supporters of our beloved Seahawks, but in years past there has always been a waiting list of quite a few years for season tickets (and they're also pretty pricey). However, the Hawks haven't really been on top of their game the last couple seasons, which has been depressing, but it also means that season tickets have become available. So we decided that this was the year to snag them.

And since we're now demonstrating our true loyalty as fans, I'm sure the team will perform accordingly. We're looking forward to an awesome season!!


  1. my gf and I are new this year also, section 327 row L

  2. We are Section 304, Row Y. GO HAWKS!

  3. This is a very precise post. good job.. please keep us updated for the latest ones..many fans would love to buy more Packer Tickets. :) thank you.

  4. yeah right.. Seahwaks tickets nowadays a little pricey. but as fans, it doesn't matter at all as long as we enjoy the game.. :)


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