Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baby Brunch

Our dear friends Alissa and Matt are having a baby!

We weren't able to attend their official baby shower due to childcare issues, so instead my friend Amanda and I threw them a more intimate little baby brunch shindig on a beautiful spring morning last weekend.

Seriously, this girl is GLOWING!

I only wish I could claim to have looked that good in the third trimester.

The whole experience of my friends and I having kids has really caused me to reflect a lot. I swear my life is beginning to flash before my eyes, going so fast that I'm unable to keep up or slow down. I mean, look at Hazel! It seems like only yesterday that Alissa and I first met her, and now she's a sweet little (almost) one-year old. 

June, 2014
And don't even get me started on Baby Ryder... that kid just turned TWO!

(Unfortunately I don't have a similar super-cute photo of the three of us from around the time Ryder was born, but I don't look as gorgeous pregnant and postpartum as those two lovelies). 

Honestly though, it seems like just yesterday that we were all partying it up at Priest Lake for Labor Day weekend, and now here we are...


Dun dun dun.

In any case, I sure am lucky to have such great friends along for the ride with me!

Congratulations, Matt & Alissa, we can't wait to meet your beautiful little bundle of joy!

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