Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas v2.0

Oh, did you think Christmas was over? 

Not around these parts!

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with the Alway family, and it was yet another round of family, food, and fantastic gifts.

It was Christmas morning all over again for Ryder as we woke up to a beautiful Christmas tree surrounded by beautifully packaged gifts.

My in-laws got Ryder an amazing ridable pirate ship complete with a telescope, sound effects, and a "Shiver Me Letters" pirate ABC book. I think it was one of his favorite presents this year.
And of course Russ got his favorite... 
Everyone got super fun, generous gifts, and it was so awesome to have yet another Christmas!

Patty prepared one of the yummier brunches I've ever had (tater tot breakfast casserole, y'all!) complete with mimosas, of course. 

The rest of the day we got to spend lounging around, relaxing, catching up, and watching the Ducks game (although that didn't turn out quite as anticipated). 

We had a long, late drive home on Saturday night, but it was totally worth it to be able to spend Christmas with the Alway family.

Our holiday season really did seem to go on and on this year, and it's bittersweet to have things officially come to a close.

But we're looking forward to getting back into a normal, healthy routine again, and hope that 2016 brings us even more laughter and love than ever.

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  1. Shiver me letters...adorable! I'd love to know what was in the tater tot casserole.

    So glad y'all enjoyed your Christmas festivities!!!

  2. I say keep the celebration going as long as possible!! I would also be interested in more information on the tater tot casserole...

  3. Woohoo! What fun celebrations! You're so surrounded by love!!!!

  4. That seems like a good way to keep the holiday going for awhile, at least! :)

    That Ducks game sure was insane!

  5. That's nice that you got to have another Christmas celebration! Happy New Year!

  6. Looks so fun! Glad Ryder had such great christmas celebrations!!


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