Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lakehouse Vacation - Labor Day Weekend 2015

Remember all the shenanigans we used to get into on holiday weekends? Tragically Thankfully, those days are over and we've moved onto more adult, family-style adventures.
This year to close out the summer we braved driving across the entire state of Washington with a toddler to join my in-laws at their house on Priest Lake in northern Idaho.
It was a fantastic getaway!
I thought it was a brilliant idea to feed Ryder dinner, give him his bottle, and then begin our journey at bedtime so that he would sleep for the majority of the drive.

Note to self: Don't stuff a toddler full of food and liquid, put him in the car in a rear-facing seat, and then go zooming across a winding mountain pass.
Oh, the vomit. So much vomit.
Six hours after putting that disgusting, stinking adventure behind us, we arrived at the lake determined to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

For the first time ever, the weather at Priest Lake was less than absolute perfection. We enjoyed some sunshine on our first afternoon there, but after that the clouds rolled in...
Ryder practicing Bean Bag Toss with Daddy and Uncle Patrick.

Actually, the dreary weather wasn't totally unwelcome. It turned out that staying inside to play games, read books, take naps and watch movies was an excellent way to spend our weekend.
We played round after round of a game called "Six Dice," which yes, does involve rolling six dice over and over and over again. By the time the weekend drew to a close, every single person had won a game. And Ryder was an excellent spectator.

It took a little while, but Ryder and Uncle Patrick's pup, Copper, eventually warmed up to each other...

Last year, Ryder was just a boring little baby blob, but on this trip his Uncle Patrick and Addie really got to play with him. I loved watching them have so much fun together.  

Ryder also got to put in some quality time with Grandpa Russ.

One afternoon, to get ourselves out of the house, we went over to Hill's Resort for lunch. Despite the clouds, Ryder was still able to have a lot of fun playing in the sand at the beach. Look at that beautiful water in the background! Too bad it was too cold to swim...

Patty and Ryder enjoying some bonding time at the beach.

"Bite Me!"

Captain Ryder is becoming quite the little seaman! He's totally comfortable on boats, and we were able to get out on the water a couple different times during our trip.

All tuckered out after a whole weekend of relaxing.

As usual, it was hard to say goodbye to family and such a beautiful location. Priest Lake will always be one of our very favorite getaway spots.

How was your Labor Day weekend? Are you excited for fall?

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  1. Sarah! I hate that he threw up in the car! I just got done cleaning up that crap off my rug when Abe puked all over in the middle of the night from a migraine! It's awful!!!
    Thank you so much for the cute thing you posted on my fb, it means a lot bc I was having a particularly bad day thinking that I really have no one!! I miss you!! This lake house always looks so much fun! Ryder is so handsome!!

  2. Sounds like another great adventure! :)

  3. Good for you for enjoying your weekend even though it started off with lots of vomit. Good for you!!!! So positive!!!! And also staying positive when it was rainy most of your stay. Ryder's a got a good role model :). He's so big now! I love it when the kids can interact with relatives. So much more enjoyable for everyone.


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